September 20th, 2001


But I Had The Best Of Intensions.....

...yeah, right. School. Yeah, that's about Then, STUNTS auditions. I got to help out with the Musical Theatre Troupe auditions. Very funny. A bunch of freshmen and sophomores who were really nervous and kept singing that damn song over and over. They were actually rather annoying, but I'm good at hiding emotions so I just smiled and tried to be helpful as much as possible.

Those ended at 5. Yeah, go home early. Start homework early. Go to bed early. HAHAHAHAHA!

Went to dinner with my father (cus mommy was golfing today)...

*SQUEE* "Hold on. Ah, ya know what? Could be back it up just a little bit" [sorry, but that was necessary...] we went to Uno. Though we left at 6, the 45 minutes I was home were simply not there (or I blatantly wasted them checking e-mail and watching TV...hey, at least it was the news, and not Friends or something). Anyway, so I got home from dinner at 7:30. So much for early homework. Yeah, so I'll start then.

HAHAHAHA! First I had to check journal. Lots of entries since last night (thankfully most were short and amusing). Yeah, so now it's a little after 8 and I'm updating my journal. I guess I should start homework soon. I have a bunch....

*SQUEE* God Must Have Spent....Remix. [okay, last time, I swear...] Physics and US History tests tomorrow. I had Calculus today. Blah. I guess it wasn't *too* bad, but I'll let you know when I get that back with a _grade_ on it. *sigh*

I really don't want to study...or do homework. I want to chat with people online and schtuff.

Oh shit! President's speech started 10 minutes ago. *scrambles to find remote, and crys while pausing mp3 of puppies*

I really enjoy President Bush. I know, I know. I was one of the many claiming that I would move to Canada if he ever took office. Obviously, I'm still here. And I think that Bush is doing an excellent job as our Commander-in-Chief, as well as Head of State and Principle Citizen (I think I got that one wrong, but you get the picture).

Wanna know something cool? I've been in that room before. I was in the balcony for our 8th grade Washington trip. You aren't allowed to take pictures there, otherwise your film is confiscated. It looks bigger on TV, in person, it isn't all that impressive looking.

"History's unmarked grave of discarded lies" Ooooo...who is his speech writer. I'm impressed...

Yuck, war. "...lengthy campaign, unlike any we've ever seen." I wish there was a way we could just get all the terrorists without all the war and killing stuff.

"Any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorists will be considered [an enemy?]"

Tom Ridge - new cabinet member. In charge of homeland security? Anyone else getting a little worried?

I've never lived through a real war. Though I guess not many people have. Persian Gulf, but I was only 5 around that time. This is really scary. I hope we can gain a lot of support from other countries, hopefully with troops as well as other aide.

"An attack on one, is an attack on us all." - NATO

*sigh* I really have to get to homework. Not on a very high note either. Oh well.
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Silly Family

I started my homework at 8:30. I swear, I did. Then at 9 (after I finished French and half of English) my family abducts my room. My parents and Fayanne had come down to look at some e-mails about the WTC and stuff that has been going on. Of course, it wasn't that easy. They talk. A lot. Not that I'm saying quality family time is bad, but I just kicked them out 15 minutes ago, and I still need to do Calculus and study for my tests still. This is so not good. I need sleep. I'm practically struggling to keep my mind focused on limits and epsilons and deltas, and why the hell x is undefined at 5. Blah. I really should get back to work.

Just saying that even when I plan on getting things done and doesn't happen. And it's not always my fault either.

God, I'm so tempted to read Journals right now. Really must do Calculus. Math sucks. Why do I need to know how to do this? Blah.

Fayanne has abducted my calculator for balancing her checkbook. Evil conspiracy. I will never finish my work!!!
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I just did a half-assed, no, probably more like a quarter-assed job on Calculus. I really don't want to study Physics. I think I know enough of US. Maybe I'll read through my notes (more like start reading meticulously, change to skimming halfway down first page, and be lucky if I'm still reading by page three.)

We took a practice test in physics today. It was bad. I didn't do well at all. Still confused on graph straightening, and he was trying to explain stuff today and was screwing everything up, and just made me more confused. I extremely dislike him. I hate uncertainty. Who cares if we measured something with a +/- .01 cm. It's .01 cm, for god's sake! That's one tenth of a millimeter, can't we just forget about it?

Why would anyone want to be a science teacher? They suck.

Really need to get back to studying though. SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!

[sidenote: Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" is on. Thanks to Cici, I can no longer listen to this.]

[Lance looks like I feel in this picture. He's being forced to do work he doesn't want to do. Look how bored and sad the poor puppy is. I pity the puppy.]

[The word "lance" was in my English reading, and on my French quiz today, I had to conjugate the verb "lancer". Hee lance...]
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As you may be able to tell by the time....

They studying was less than productive. I scanned over my notes. *shrug* Nuttin' else I can do, really. Physics sucks, and History is history. It ain't goin' no where.

For whatever reason, I'm not finishing my words very well. [I type what I think, so if I think "nuttin'" instead of "nothing", "nuttin'" is what get transcribed.]

K, well, really, *really* tired. Need sleep. Mmmm...bed...

But first before I go....because I *have* to....
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