September 19th, 2001


Five For Fighting

The concert was pretty good. The lead singer is a total weirdo, but the bassist was really hot. Think, John Stamos meets Even Lowenstein (from Evan and Jaron). Oh, it was nice. And we were like 10 feet away from him the whole time, cus we were a row from the stage (if you can consider them "rows" in a standing room only venue). One of the coolest things, though, was that he dedicated the song "Superman" to all of the firefighters and police officers and everyone helping the effort in New York, because they are real life supermen. It was awesome.

The opening act was good too. This really adorable chick singing and a hottie Fred Durst looking guy on acoustic guitar. Very angsty music, but I liked it. One of the songs was titles "My Boyfriend's A Porn Star". It was really funny. Wanted to sign up for their mailing list on the sheet by the merchandise, but the crowds were kinda huge getting out, so I didn't get the chance too. :o(

I love Dave Fogel! He does the afternoon/rush hour radio show on The Mix here in Chicago. He was only onstage for about a minute to toss out tee-shirts and introduce Five For Fighting, but I love him to pieces. He's adorable too. Very Jack from Something So Right. Remember that show? Can't for the life of me think of the actor's name.

That is Dave Fogel. He's fun, and I love him to pieces on the radio.

Cici, a couple things. One, Brian Peck is the DJ after Eric and Cathy, and before Dave Fogel [I knew it was...someone...]. Two, After 5 Live shows are free to the first 300 people there. Hmmm...wanna see Verve Pipe next Monday?? I know, I know, it's a Monday. And I have play rehearsal until 6 (though I could leave early)...we probably wouldn't be one of the first 300 people. But still, I'm up for it.

How cool?! I just got an e-mail from one of the guys in Single. I had sent a message requesting they come to Chicago, and they will be recording in Minneapolis in November and said he would try to book something in Chicago while they are in the Mid-west. I may totally be responsible for bring a band to play here. I feel so cool. He also asked if I knew any local bands that might be good as an opening act. I'm so bouncy right now...I'm like flipping out. He ended the e-mail with "Keeping rockin' my hometown." Howard is a native Chicagoan? How cool! I'm so psyched right now.

Hee hee....will never get to bed now. Too wired. So excited...yay!
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Thinking about cleaning out my friend's list. Don't worry! All my "real" friends are safe, but I'm leaning toward getting rid of the nsyncer people. They aren't quite entertaining me anymore. Maybe I'll get rid of all the extraneous and leave just the 6 (5 boys plus Brit). *sigh* such tough dicisions *giggle*
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School = yuck

Classes are so boring. Luckily, I have very little homework. Yay. Fall play practice went well, and quickly too. We were missing a couple people due to religious services today, so we just did a run-though off-book without blocking. It made it quick and easy. We were done in less than an hour, so I decided to go to crew afterwards. Yay. Fun.

Now I'm home. Checked my e-mail, nothing overly exciting. There was one forward that I received from my mother (there's a shocker). It wasn't very well written, but it had a really excellent concept. It was the WTC crash in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Basically, exactly what happened. They tried to make us fall apart by taking the Twin Towers and all the people inside of them. However, they didn't succeed, and we only came closer together. I guess we all have a little Who inside.

I'm mega-hungry...really want dinner. Will go see what parents are planning (right, cus they actually plan dinner.) We are delivery/take-out people. Sometimes restaurant people. Very rarely do we actually *make* anything. Oh well...home-cooking is saved for special Christmas. And Thanksgiving. Maybe Easter.

[Sidenote regarding music: Three times today I had to explain the difference between Tabitha's Secret and Matchbox 20.]
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I would devote my life to this show...if I could...

I love The West Wing. Granted, it isn't a new episode, but silly me missed the season finale last year. I know, "what the Hell?!?!?" But I get to watch it now. Whee!

Even if it's only been on for two minutes, I already love this episode. Leo is awesome. Josh is fun. Sam (mmm...Rob Lowe) is a hottie. CJ is totally cool. Toby is cool too.

Can't wait until it starts the new series. Oooo...back on. Must go!
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Aaron Sorkin is a genius...

I love The West Wing!!

*sigh* I want the new season to start now. Damn it. One week...that's it. Just one more week.

Next week's Friends and Will & Grace should be good too. Yay. I very rarely watch TV, but I will watch these three shows almost religiously.

Eww...must go do physics homework, then shower. After shower, I *will* be back...don't worry.
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...dreamers tired....

And because I quit my physics homework well over an hour ago, I should probably go to bed. Ya know, while I have the chance to get 8+ hours of sleep, why not? Besides, I'm fairly certain I could crash rather quickly.

All day the song "America Town" by Five For Fighting stuck in my head (probably because I just saw them in concert last night.)
I would post the lyrics, but that's long and no one wants to actually read them. If you do, click here.

*sigh* I need to sleep now. Goodnight all!
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