September 16th, 2001


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I just ate quite possibly the most unhealthy "breakfast" ever. Left-over chinese food (mmm...fried rice...) followed by tiramisu gelato. So fattening...but tasty.

Yahoo page builder is not seeming to work. Whore, I want to update my webpage. Grrr... Evil yahoo/geocities. It's a conspiracy!

I've been cruising around band's websites this morning. Sister Hazel, Dexter Freebish and Single. Really wish I was over 18 so I could've seen Sister Hazel at House of Blues in Chicago last May (stupid over 18 show). Really wish DF's drummer hadn't slipped a disk so I could've seen them Wednesday, August 22nd, when they were supposed to perform at the House of Blues (yay all ages show).

Just noticed that I seem to have immense problems with House of Blues shows. Sister Hazel - too young. Dexter - drummer in hospital. Five For Fighting - postponed. Weird...

Well, I have nothing new to say, so I shall leave now.
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"*NSYNC Hotline includes Fantasy Phone and CD-Rom so kids can play games, receive phone messages from the band, and more." - Best Buy was bolded like that.

Plus, when you buy *NSYNC Hotline at Best Buy, you receive a free *NSYNC bubblegum-filled lunchbox. You might want to buy this now, there are no rainchecks.

Am I the only one that finds this incredibly funny? I don't even really know why. There are just so many things... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Actually, I should say "Yahoo!" I finally was able to update my site. Nothing big, I just added links to Fuel and Single official sites on my music page.

Happiness is Rob Thomas.
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Couple puppies quesions...

One, is Ananda Lewis going to be played tomorrow?

Two, are they on TRL to release the video for Gone tomorrow?

I'm setting my VCR now so I won't forget, but I need to know what I'm setting. :o)
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Ooo...planning for the future...

Britney's Making the Video for "I'm a Slave 4 U" will premiere Friday, September 21 at 5pm eastern time on MTV. Must remember to set VCR closer to that date.
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MTV Rocks....

I love the TRL commercials with people wearing shirts with the songs on them. They make me laugh so much. They just played the Bootilicious one, and the Retirement Party is classic. Hee hee. So entertaining.

Bootilicious vid: Did somebody say my name?

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Parents make the leap to the 21st century

Yesterday, my mom bought a television for her room. Along with it, the sales man convinced her to buy a DVD player (especially after seeing that the selection of videos had gone way down, and DVDs were flourishing). Mom made the analogy to 8-track tapes, and how those just disappeared when cassettes were introduced.

Anyways, I just got home, and they were in the middle of watching Return to Me. However, my mom had turned the whole thing off, so it lost their place in the film. I forwarded it to where they were, and as it turns out, they had French subtitles on also. I fixed that and have now come down to start homework. I just thought it was funny.
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I'm supposed to be doing homework, but I love surveys and there is a really long one going around that I really really really really really wanna do....gah!

I should do physics and US and maybe a bit of French. Especially cus I'm going back over to Ci's (yes, I just came from there when I got home at 4:20...but I'm going back for dinner.)

Stupid self control...i'm gonna go do homework now.
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