September 15th, 2001


*sigh* Welcome Weekend

It's going to go by too fast. I can tell already. And I have a crap load of homework. 3 2-page papers due Monday. English, US History and French. Blah. Plus stupid Calculus and other US History homework. But! Mr. Heerman brings us treats every Friday in US. Last week it was bagels. This week, we got donuts. I love Mr. Heerman, he says the funniest stuff sometimes.

Today, I have to go buy chips and pop for a picnic lunch I'm having with some friends at 2. It should be fun. I also have to find a frisbee, kick ball, and bring games. Apparently Eric has put me in charge of keeping us all entertained. I can handle that!

I only slept until 8 today, but I went to bed at 11:30. Last night at 9, I went with my friend Steph and we got ice cream from Jewel. Actually, I got raspberry sorbet, she got chocolate sorbet (because sorbets are fat free), and we got a Tiramisu gelato to split. We barely touched the gelato, and I only ate half of my sorbet, so the remainders are in my freezer.

Dave and Katie left early yesterday to drive to Florida and pick up Emily and Tom. Last I heard, it was around 9pm and they were in Georgia somewhere. Hopefully they reached Orlando around midnight, and might be back by 10 tonight. I'm so glad they decided not to fly. Though I think most of the stuff has subsided, you never can be too sure.

Should shower and go run my errands. It's cold today. 56 degrees right now. Burr. A couple days ago it was 80. Welcome to Chicago. We have by far the craziest weather ever. It's all the Lake's fault. [side note: it's funny the way where you live effects what you say. I'm not just talking accents and stuff, but that "The Lake" is automatically Lake Michigan, and if you say "downtown", you have to be talking about the city. Ha! "The City" would be Chicago. I think I do this a lot. *shrugs* Makes me laugh at least.]

If that's all you will be,
you'll be a waste of time,
you've dreamed a thousand dreams,
they seem to stick in your mind,
two points for honesty,
it must make you sad to know that,
nobody cares at all

Kinda sad, but a good song. I really like the melody to it.

Of to go cleanse myself now. Bye.

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*Last Resort - Papa Roach
*Two Points For Honesty - Guster
*Stay - Dave Matthews Band
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Mini update

I'm showered. Yay.

As it turns out, I'm stupid and can't add. If Dave and Katie were in Georgia at 9, they wouldn't get to Orlando until 2 or 3am. Silly gail cannot add today. Anyway, they were also planning on spending the night at the hotel with Em and Tom, and then leaving at checkout today. That's probably around noon, so they won't be back until late tomorrow morning. Zut. (side note: For those that don't know, "Zut" means darn or damn in French)

Well, I really have to run to Jewel, so the pop has a while to chill in my fridge before 2. OkayIloveyoubyebye. (hee hee, reliving childhood days of watching Animaniacs. Molly (the little girl with the dog Buttons) would say that. She also called her mom "Lady". "Okay Lady". *shrugs* sorry 'bout the tangent.

I'm really gonna go now. Ta!

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*Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
*This is Not a Love Song - Tabitha's Secret
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    "Mr. Heerman! You are a plain bagel racist!"

Another day comes to an end

Had a bunch of fun at the picnic lunch. Played ultimate frisbee (one of my favorite sports). Also played some cards and hung out with friends. Yay.

Went to Ci's apartment before (to hang and go grocery shopping with her). Then after the picnic I went back over there to have dinner and to watch *N the Mix. *squee* Puppies. It was highly entertaining. Totally reinforced love for JC. And Lance too. It was some good times. Also watched the Storytellers of Train and Fuel. It was very cool. I'll need to start another tape for miscellaneous artists, and record that.

I've decided that I will always love Matchbox Twenty. It will always be my favorite band. Now, this is me. I change my mind and ideas every week. Hell, every day. But I *never* get sick of hearing a MB20 song. I never skip past on my mp3 player, and I know that in a week, I won't be either. There are plenty of songs I download, listen to 3 times a day, then within a month, end up deleting. Not MB20. I love their songs too much. And I love them too much. And I want to see them again in concert, but they are too far for a road trip. Could fly out to Sacramento on the 24th to see them with Train and Single. I think I would die if that happened. I would just be so happy, I would turn to complete mush. That would be fantastic. I'd have to miss a couple days of school, but hey. It's for my Robbie. And Paul, and Kyle, and Adam, and Brian. And Todd, Fraser, Howard, Tommy and Ben (Single). And the guys of Train. I can't think of their names, but they are cool too. *sigh* What I wouldn't give...

Hmm...getting sad that I won't be going to Cali for a concert. I guess that would be a pretty unreasonable wish. Hell, Arkansas was extreme. This would be pure insanity. I would have to be committed. Of course, not until after the concert, and by then I will be floating on cloud nine, so I wouldn't care that I'd be stuck in a mental institution. *hums "I Drive Myself Crazy"...*

Hee hee, boys. in pajamas. in a mental hospital. staring into the camera with intense eyes. jc. laying on gurney. going crazy. squee.

Yeah, so I need sleep.

Oh, one last note. I really like to go to church tomorrow, but I'm not a big fan of "my" church. However, I'd have no one to go somewhere else with. My sister has to do nursery at our church, so she can't go explore with me. There is this really big, pretty, non-denominational church in Lake Forest that I'd like to check out, but I don't want to go alone. *sigh* I guess I will just sleep through church-time tomorrow. Make the most of my Sunday morning, indeed.

How weird! Drive Myself Crazy just came on. And I didn't even select it, it's always on random. Crazy. ...pretty dancing boys... I want to see them in concert again. When do they release PopOdyssey on DVD? Or anything for that matter. Making the Video? Making the Tour? Diary? I don't think they made a Tour one for PopOdyssey, nor have they been featured on Diary, but that would be damn cool! I want "a day in the life of a puppy". Hee hee. Oh! almost forgot. While grocery shopping with Ci, we bought new puppies magazines. There is an issue of J-14 (go figure) that is totally and completely them. I'm sure it isn't very good, but there are a ton of pictures. I suggest buying it.

*yawn* Yeah, so it's bed time. Good night out there!

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*Maybe He'll Notice Her Now - Mindy McCready
*Adam's Song - Blink 182
*She's on Fire - Train
*God Don't Make Lonely Girls - Wallflowers
*Born to Fly - Sara Evans
*I Drive Myself Crazy - *NSYNC
*Drive - Incubus
*When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies (*sigh* fantastic song)
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Okay, a couple more things...

One, must find this book. Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth: The Dark History of Prepubescent Pop, from the Banana Splits to Britney Spears. Althea posted it: "It seems to be a vaguely academic historical look at pop culture." Coolness!

Two, Joey is the best. "I go to N'SYNC concerts for pussy." LMAO!! (and I hate that expression, but still, this is great). Ranks right up there with his "Boy Bands Suck" tee shirt, and Chris' NSUCK hat. I love these boys.

Three, don't think I have a three right now. Listening to new mp3s. Here are the ones I just got.
*Sara Evans - I Learned That From You
*Fuel - Innocent
*Fuel - Bittersweet
*Elton John - I Want Love (love this vid with Robert Downey Jr. He's awesome, even if he does have problems. I still like him)
*Fuel - Sunday Girl
*NSYNC - Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
*Fuel - Shimmer (Acoustic)
*Fuel - Shimmer
*U2 - New Years Day

Yeah, so that's it for tonight. I'm going to climb into bed (after I go brush my teeth) and hopefully sleep until noon tomorrow. Night night everybody.
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