September 14th, 2001


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No time to make a really long entry. Just a quickie before bed. If I can fall asleep quickly (and judging by my grogginess while doing Calculus and US History homework, this shouldn't be a problem), I will get 6 hours of sleep. Ouch. Thank god it's Friday.

My sister, Emily (the one recently married and honeymooning at Disney in Florida) had to reschedule her flight that should have been today, and got on a plane on Saturday. Since Tuesday night, my mom has been saying that she wants to drive down (22 hours) to pick up her and Tom and drive them back home. Today, especially, the news was a lot about the planes and safety, and the two flights out of NY that almost could have been disastrous. Both my mom and dad wanted to prevent her from having to fly anywhere. My brother offered to drive down at get them, so he will be leaving at 5am tomorrow with his girlfriend Katie, to drive to Orlando, pick up Em and Tom, and drive back home. I'm actually really glad and incredibly relieved, especially after the planes at Laguardia and JFK were found to have possible terrorist on them. It just says that this isn't over yet. And I've had those feelings all week. Since 10:30 on Tuesday when nothing new was happening, I could feel that this wasn't it.

God, this week has been long. Tomorrow/Today (since it's past midnight) is National Prayer and Remembrance Day. I really enjoy that President Bush was pushing for this himself, and that he had the idea to do this. I will be wearing a red sweater and blue jeans tomorrow, and will of course observe the moment of silence at noon (or is it 11 here?). Either way. There is going to be a candle vigil at a park near me, on Sunday, I think. I want to go, and I might ask Allie to come with me.

Tonight is the Five For Fighting concert at House of Blues. To the best of my knowledge, it is still on. I'm excited. I really enjoy their/his songs. Not sure how to phrase that. He's a singer/songwriter with a band. But it's more of a back-up band than a singer+band combo. I hope it will be fun. I'm going with my sister, Ci.

Really tired now, and I really need sleep. Peace and Love to you all! Even if I don't know you personally, I feel connected to you, and as such, feel love towards you. Good night.
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