September 9th, 2001


It's weird, ya know?

Waking up in the morning to a very still house and knowing no one else is home. Dad is always gone early, work on Monday through Saturdays, and golfing on Sundays. Mom is usually around, but on Sundays she goes to church, and sometimes she's out shopping on Saturday mornings.

It's really strange because during the day, lots of people come and go. Fayanne came up from college Thursday night and left Saturday morning. Ci and the kids come over all the time. My brother even stops by on occasion.

But the morning are when you realize that the house is really empty. It's crazy.
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Quick update

My mom just came into my room complaining to be bored. Now she's off to go visit Ci and the kids at her apartment. (Ha ha).

Anyway, while she was in here complaining of boredom, she mentioned that we should go school clothes shopping again because I need more jeans and stuff. Um, okay. She already spent an obscene amount on me, but if she's willing to spend more, fine by me.

Also, she asked where my phone was in my room. I said it was broken and I didn't have on in here. "Hmmm...we'll have to fix that." Yay! Shopping trip for me!
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Please Help Me!!

I need ideas for my English assignment. Here's what I need, if you could please take the time to help me out....

1.) List of moment in the last 20 years where you felt proud to be an American
2.) List of moment in the last 20 years where you felt ashamed to be an American

3.) List of moment in America's History where you felt proud to be an American
4.) List of moment in America's History where you felt ashamed to be an American

If you could take a moment to contribute a few ideas, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks a bunch!!!
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Stupid me

I've been done with homework and ready for bed for the past 40 minutes. I could have been asleep by now. And I have an early bird class tomorrow. I have to wake up at 6:30 for a 7:30 class. That is way to early. I can't start to function until at least 10, and by then, 2 and a half major classes have gone by. It's bad.

I also sleep the best between 1am and 10am. As such, I don't usually fall asleep until 12:30, regardless of when I start trying to. Then, by waking up at 6:30, I get totally fucked up with lack of sleep. They should really start school later. Stupid school board people.

Must try to sleep now. Right, that's gonna happen....
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