September 8th, 2001



So I lied last night. Aerosmith tickets go on sale at 10am. 12 minutes. Probably won't get them. I think I'll try, and if I do, beg mommy to use her credit card. I would really like to go. *sigh*

At least it will be another 12 minutes before I can possibly get sad about this. I still have the *chance* for tickets.
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Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby just came on....

"Hold on. Uh, you know what? Can we back it up just a little bit?"

I love JC.

In other news...3 minutes until Aerosmith tickets. *crosses fingers and prays*
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Oh my god, Ci!!

NSYNC Fan Bus, the site for those two college chicks that won the winnebago on the Price is Right.

Ci, check the tee-shirts. I think we saw one of these chickies in Arkansas. They have the *NSYNC, My Anti-Drug shirts.

In other news, ticketmaster sucks....OH SHIT! Just found tickets. They are pretty good too....damn moral dilemnas! I have 5 minutes....

Some fantastic.....

First, I just had french toast for breakfast.

Secondly, "Bad Day" by Fuel just came on. Yay!

Most importantly, I now have FOUR tickets to the AEROSMITH CONCERT!!! *screams from excitement*

I can't believe it. I'm soooooo happy. Ahhh!

Next problem, I think it's tech week that week. And it's on a Tuesday. Which probably means I'd need to be there until 9. And I'm Stage Manager/Assistant Director, so I probably shouldn't be missing anything. But the concert's not until 7:30, so they won't take the stage until probably 9 or 9:30. And Allstate Arena is only about 30 minutes away. So if I just leave early on that around 7:30 or 8, I will be fine, right?
Never mind! Just checked the Fall Play schedule...Tech on that day is from 3:30 to 6! This is totally gonna work. Sometimes I wonder if Fate or Someone up there is looking out for me. It's almost too perfect.

Must call Allie. Hopefully she won't have a meet, and will get out of practice by 6 also, so she can come. She has to come. *picks up phone* I'll be back later.
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Interesting Night

Rented and watched Pay If Forward earlier today. I thought it was very good. At 3, Candace called to see if I wanted to go to Nikki's house with her. Today was her brother's bar mitzvah and we were invited to come hang out with her whenever we wanted. I left after the movie and got there around 4. The party had basically ended in the hour before I came. Candace, Nik and I hung out around her house for a while.

We went online and started talking to an automated robot IM thing that one of our friends set up. It was so much fun. Quesobot is the coolest ever!!!

JC came over a little later (around 6), and we decided we wanted to do something. I decided on Chili's for dinner. We invited Carly and Ben too, because we were talking to them on AIM.

So the 6 of us finished dinner around 9, and didn't want to go home, but also had no host house, so we were at ends to find something to do. Realizing Barnes & Noble stays open until 11, we went there. We first wandered the Music section. I listened to the Celebrity CD on their cool media player things. It plays about a 1 minute clip of any song on any CD there. It was so cool. We then looked through normal books and read some funny titles and made fun of the Romance Novels.

Then, we headed to the Kids Section. For well over an hour, we sat on the little benches around the storytelling chair listening to our favorite children's books. I read most of them. It was the best ever. JC fell asleep on the floor while I read one of the stories. It was adorable.

At about 10 to 11, we left and walked to Walgreens, where we bought candy to eat. Then we sat on benches in the Deerfield Square (the downtown strip mall place where Walgreens and Barnes&Nobel, as well as Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon, Bath and Body Works, Ann Taylor Loft and Potbelly are located.) We played the story game where you go in a circle and everyone adds a word. It was crazy funny. We did that for almost 45 minutes before going home.

I am now here. And very tired. I feel guilty for not doing any homework today. Not that I usually get anything done before Sunday, but I have so much, I should have made an attempt to do something. I would have after Pay It Forward, but I instead went to Nikki's. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

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