September 6th, 2001


Another day draws to an end...

...well, the school part anyways. The only classes that I truly love are English and Theatre (to this point at least). I don't hate any of them, though I still don't like Physics or US History. Oh well, that's just the way life goes.

My gym teacher, Mr. Zima is the greatest ever. We just sat around all day today, and he told us stories. His wife just had a baby 5 days ago, and he came to work. It's sad, but he's a cool guy.

First day of stage crew. It wasn't really crew, though, cus Eric had to leave for a class at 4:15, so it was just an introduction and us experienced members gave some incoming freshman and new people tours of the space. It was fun. I enjoy giving tours. Besides, I'm usually pretty entertaining, so I think my freshmen had a good time.

Got to meet Mrs. Nielson, who will be doing part of the crew this year. She's a sweety, and she ran crew when my oldest sister and brother were on it. Family connections and such.

I'm now home and avoiding my homework like the plague that it is. Perhaps I will go to my sister's again later. Might actually attempt homework now so I get all the little stuff out of the way. I'll save US History until later. Blah.

I'm off to slack off a little more before doing the work I should be. Will check back later, I promise.

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*I'll Be That Girl - Barenaked Ladies
*I Walk Alone - Oleander
*That's When I'll Stop Loving You - *NSYNC
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Stupid me...

Totally forgot about the VMA's. Sorry, Cici, I won't be coming over tonight (not that you actually invited me or anything). to tape this. Just puppies? Puppies and Brit? And which tape, Britney's or *NSYNC's? Tape everything but commercials? So complicated. I guess I'll keep the Puppy Tape in there for now and record anything overly cool with them, and just try to change it for Britney's performance.

Ah, so glad for Journal. Would have totally forgotten otherwise. Screw homework's the VMA's!!!
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End of the VMAs

Overall, not the best show ever. Yay boys for four awards.

First, the monologue sucked, but the part at the end with the rap using the groups/performers names was good.

Second, what the hell was Kevin wearing?? Is Howie's voice always like that? And how do people find them attractive? I don't see it.

Viewers Choice Awards. *guilt* I must admit this, cus it's burning a hole in my soul. When I saw the first thing on the bottom of the screen for the VCA and it said BSB had 39% of the vote, and *NSYNC was left with a mere 37%, I went to For over an hour, I voted. At least 90 times I clicked the circle for "Pop", then clicked the Pepsi 'Vote Here' button. Honestly, at *least* 90 times. Sad, I know, but I'm a competitive bitch and I wanted my boys to they did. And it worked. I win!

Second part of guilt...these awards are for best video. And I love "Pop", it is a great video, but "The Call" is actually really impressive from a professional point of view. But then again, I don't have an objective view of anything *NSYNC because I'm "too close" (for lack of better wording).

Wasn't overly impressed with the Michael Jackson appearance. Honestly, I think their number could have been better. Enjoyed Britney's. She was cute. Also, thought it could've been better, but there's only so much you can do, I guess.

That's it for now. I have to go finish my English homework now. Why the Dollar Bill is an American artifact. *sigh* Hopefully I can be in bed by midnight. 7 hours of sleep ain't bad.
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