September 3rd, 2001


A Little Bit of Insight....

I came to this conclusion yesterday in the limo...

It's okay to like NSYNC. It's okay to like Britney, and Mandy, and Jessica, and even BSB. However, this should not be the *only* music you like. You can have a shrine dedicated to O-Town in your room, or own every magazine 98 Degrees has ever been on, but if this is all you listen to, that's when you need help.

Sure, I like NSYNC and Britney (the rest are kinda *shrugs* eh). However, I also love Matchbox Twenty, and Aerosmith, and 3 Doors Down, and Goo Goo Dolls, and Barenaked Ladies. I listen to a bunch of genres and *that* is what makes me a good, normal, non-teenie fan. On November 6th, I will be going out to by Brit's new CD, as well as Mick Jagger's solo album. Variety is what keeps you sane.

So if anyone out there was beginning to worry that you were too much of a fanatic, relax. I'm sure you occasionally listen to something other than the pretty dancing boys.
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    Aaron Carter talking on Brit's Total Access 24/7 show

Side Notes:

I'm taping Britney on Total Access, and at 1:30, I will be taping her Diary.

Also, I bought the Rolling Stone with her on the cover and a special collector's issue of Bop because the cover claims to have 20+ pages of NSYNC (and the pics are semi-recent cus Justin has no hair, JC has lots of hair, Chris has good hair, so does Lance, and Joey was recently shaved with blond streaks). You can always tell with the hair.

Cutest part of Total Access was Brit shopping with her mom...
Lynn: Britney, look at these boots.
Britney (in southern accent): Mom, I would not wear those.

Britney (still in southern accent): Ooo! Look! They've got glasses for little people. Come here Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn, come here!
(Then, the two of them were walking down the street holding hands, it was adorable.)

And, looking through Bop, there's a bunch on the PopOdyssey Tour, including tour journals by Dream, BBMak and Meredith Edwards.

In Target, they were playing Broken Promises by Tonia Mitchell.

Bop has a bunch of good pics that I can scan and put *shrugs* somewhere.

Rolling Stone quote by Britney "It's so flattering, but I don't like being a role model. I'm not perfect." Thus, proving my rate from before.

I'm watching the Best of VMAs Uncensored on MTV before Diary. I've seen it before, but it's great. I love these shows.

Okay, so I'm done now. I'll be back later.
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    A-Ha "Take On Me" on VMA's Uncensored


Is that how you spell it?

Either way, I have 23 new mp3s, 8 transferring, and 12 processing. I'm not done yet either. I realized I have no Sister Hazel on my computer, so that was 11. Got some more Britney and NSYNC. A few more Fuel, and some more Matchbox Twenty. Yay! I love free music. I also love music that I have to pay for. I love all music. I really think I need a subscription to Rolling Stone, cus I love it a lot too.

Okay, so one more thing. I'm reading Bop Magazine, and I don't know who the hell Amanda is, or what Zootopia was for that matter, but they were interviewing some guys (all ugly and most young, but still) and asked about favorite music. Most of them had really good taste. With the exception of the suck up who just said "Amanda", their favorite bands were NSYNC, Lifehouse, Destiny's Child, Blink-182, Aerosmith and Matchbox Twenty. Hello? Why aren't you living in the Chicago area (they were all from NY or NJ). Welcome to my favorite bands. They must have been at this Zootopia thing with girlfriends, cus I'm thinking that's a pop thing, and Blink, Aerosmith and MB20 are not quite the pop genre. *sigh*

Also, I'm watching Fox Family for the Brit Total Access thing, and they have teenies talking about their favorite bands. Most I had never heard of (like Dream Street, and others). Some chick said "I love A*Teens. Their music is great!" Hi, do you realize all their music is remakes? Download some ABBA, see what you hear. That's the problem I have with Aaron Carter. Kids go around singing "I Want Candy" and think it's actually his song. I have no problem with covers. I love covers. I wish more artists did them for mp3 purpose and just didn't put them on albums. However, it's like cheating the youth of America. They will grow up forever thinking Aaron was the first to sing that song, and it's a lie. We are lying to the children.

Hmmm, sorry for the mini-rant. I need to go back to downloading. Maybe some more Goo. Ooo! Chili Peppers!! I only have a couple songs of theirs in mp3 format. Californication is an awesome song, album and video. Must download!!

*Falling For the First Time - BNL
*Deeper - Dexter Freebish
*Name - Goo Goo Dolls
*Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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    Brit looks like Katie Holmes in this icon.

The coolest ever!!!

Okay, so I have to tell you that I love Sinade O'Connor's "Nothing Compares to You". It's a great song, and I know all the words.

So I downloaded a Matchbox 20 cover of it. It's so fucking amazing!!! It makes me so happy. Robbie is the best ever. I love him so much. I can't wait to hear his song with Mick Jagger on Jagger's solo album. (63 days! 62 days until my birthday. Yay!)

That is all for now. :o)
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    Hee hee, guess!

So Confused...

I get mailings from VH1 with the most recent of music news and yadda, yadda, yadda. So I get one today linking to this article: Early Matchbox Twenty Secret To Be Revealed

Don't Play With Matches, the only studio album by Tabitha's Secret (which featured Matchbox Twenty bassist Brian Yale and drummer Paul Doucette as well as Thomas), is due for October 9 release.


Don't Play With Matches features 10 tracks recorded in various Orlando studios from 1993 to 1995, including an acoustic version of the Matchbox Twenty hit "3 A.M." and the ballad "Dear Joan," which the group occasionally plays in concert."

Those were from the article.

One, the original Don't Play With Matches featured 12 songs (two versions of "3am" plus "High" and "Jesus Was An Alien") and did not have this so called single "And Around".

Two, what the hell are they rereleasing for? I don't understand. "It's about putting the past behind me, putting the nail in the group's coffin," Stanley said. Um, hi. The band broke up over 5 years ago. Get over it. The coffin has been buried.

Three, "And people want to hear these songs. I've had thousands of people write our Web site wanting the music." (also a Jay Stanley quote). The songs I would want to see released would be the ones that there are lyrics for at, but never were released in the first place. Like Me, Like Roses, The Only One, And Around. I guess they got that last one, but what about the other three?

I enjoyed Tabitha's Secret, but I think this is stupid. Maybe I just don't understand. Anyone got a good explanation?
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    Jesus Was An Alien - Tabitha's Secret (in head)

Update on my mp3 Situation

Cus you care, I know you do...

388 mp3s.
  • 20 Barenaked Ladies
  • 17 BBMak
  • 12 Britney Spears
  • 14 Goo Goo Dolls
  • 13 Guster
  • 16 from Mamma Mia! the Musical
  • 29 Matchbox 20/Twenty
  • 24 NSYNC
  • 11 Sister Hazel
  • 16 Tabitha's Secret
  • 45 Rob Thomas songs (combined)

  • Yay! So much fun. I'm thinking the entire soundtrack to Mamma Mia is going to have to be deleted. I always end up skipping those songs, and I have the CD if I ever get really ambitious to listen to it.

    Mkay, it's good for now. That is all.
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    All NSYNC...All The Time....

    Just read Aly and Allen's story Taking It Slow. So good. Haven't been reading slash for a while, but it was a great come back. Juppy and Wade. Very cute.

    Also, this pic has been circulating. Group love is the cutest ever. Makes you think they really are a close-knit family. Like brothers. How sweet?

    Finally, I saw this, and the JC love sky rocketed. So JC. Mmm...JC...

    Plus, the last two songs on my mp3 player were "Falling" and "I Want You Back" (and it's on random).

    There is just no way to escape those boys. Not that I would want to, but it's the principle of the matter. *sigh*
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    It must've been good while I was busy this weekend and only posted about 5 times in 4 days. Now that I'm back, this is entry 8 today.

    Don't worry, school starts Wednesday, which means very little journal time. And lots of homework. Eww.

    Whoa, I was just talking to 5 people at once on AIM. So many. Now I'm down to two. I just stopped talking to the other three. If that have more to say, they can IM me again.

    Gah! I'm back to 4. This is too much. I'll write in journal later. I need to be a thesaurus and an entertainer and an advice giver and a sister. I will be back!

    :::Music of the Night:::
    *Lucky - Britney Spears
    *Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N Roses
    *I Can Tell - BBMak
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    The life of me....

    Candace: yay to our personal theasaurus :-)
    Me: i try my hardest
    Candace: thats why we love you

    email from Eric: Happy editing. Please do this by tomorrow night and send it to me and Xaq. You and Xaq are the God and Goddess of STUNTS. I will worship thee.

    Me: ...Poofgone
    Jenny: Gail Gail Gail
    Me: What?
    Jenny: I've been trying to spread poofgone.
    Jenny: It hasn't been working
    Jenny: But it's only been two weeks

    I may work a lot, but I am appreciated. Yay! It pays off!
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