August 27th, 2001


*sigh* Puppies...

PopOdyssey Tour is as good as gone. Unless I miraculously get a plane ticket to El Paso and a note saying that I have a catwalk seat waiting for me at the box office, I have let it go. Like a bird, it is flying away. Perhaps the bird will come back in DVD or IMAX form soon, but for now, I'm left with about 16 rolls of film and my memories. Bah, I want more. *sigh* I'm so damn needy.

I guess 4 times is sufficient. need. more. crack.puppies

JC had better be working on some songs for the next album though. I can't wait that long. I'm impatient. I don't care if the last album only came out a month ago. I need something new!

Fuck. I'm being creepily obsessive. Time to stop.
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I swear...journal has taken over my life

Every time something happens, like I, I don't know, receive a cool piece of e-mail, or I decided I'm going to bed, I rush to journal to write about it. But it's comforting in a way.

I re-read my long-long entry from today. I kinda like the way it reads out. So me. So jumbled. So many different topics. So much randomness. I love randomness. Hmmmm.

Well, it's bed time. Nothing going on tomorrow (yet). Zoe's at school, and the STUNTS meeting got canceled (3 hours that I won't be sitting at school...yes there is a god). The meetings aren't bad, but I'd so much rather be doing nothing than something.

I'm feeling better, can ya tell? Yay.

Shit. Car's still on the street. Construction at 7am tomorrow. Go move it now or hope that mommy will move it in the morning. I'm so tired. And it's technically past curfew (cus I'm sure the cops will pull me over for driving a block and parking.) I really don't want to go outside. It's almost 3am. blah.

Gah! Stupid conscious!! I'm going to move my car, then going to bed. Good night.
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Things That Scare Me at 3am

(list compiled after moving my car off the street)

1.) Creepy bug sounds. Not crickets. I don't like crickets, but I'm not scared of them. It's the bug sounds that I don't know what they belong to that freak me out. You know, the bugs that gobble up 16 year old girls in one bite.

2.) How everything is really dark.

3.) That I can't see where I'm walking and can only hear my footsteps. I watch my feet as I walk, but really can't even makeout the outline of my sandal

4.) That the grass is all wet (okay, this isn't scary, it's just gross)

5.) That everything (no matter how dark it is) casts a shadow

6.) That my mind makes the shadows move

7.) That footsteps echo in the dark and causes me to look frightfully behind me as I walk up my own driveway (I don't believe in ghosts, but I believe in rapists)

8.) That trees look like people

9.) That my mind is so convinced that something bad is going to happen, that it makes me scared of the 8 previous items.

*Gone - NSYNC
*South of Tennessee - Evan and Jaron
*I'll Be That Girl - Barenaked Ladies
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Morning Glow....

Ah, Pippin. So long ago.

I dropped off film at Walgreens. The one hour service is going to take 2 hours. It's a little disappointing, but there's nothing they can do. Besides, me the "super nice, guiding light customer", I don't complain. And there was this mega-bitch in front of me, so I wouldn't have complained even if I wanted to.

I really want to get my film though. There are puppies at the sound check party on that roll. There are also a bunch of kitty pictures I'm going to scan and make a kitty page on my website. Cus she's cute. Hee hee. But what I really want is the 6 soundcheckparty pictures that are on that roll...puppies!

Must shower, I feel really gross (yes, I went to Walgreens without showering...ewww, but it's Walgreens). Then, I'm gonna go to Best Buy (probably both the one in Deerfield and the one in Vernon Hills). Hopefully one of them will have Clerks or Tabitha's Secret Live. Then I'll go to the Target in Vernon Hills, cus they have lots of Frappuccino. The one in Highland Park just sucks.

Hmmm, I think it's about time for that shower...bye!
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Subject: The "dirty" icon

I resent this icon. I'm not dirty, like dusty dirty. I'm dirty like smelly dirty. There should be a smelly cat...ha ha...

Smelly cat, oh smelly cat. What are they feeding you...

Gotta love Phoebe on Friends.
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My day in a nutshell...(Hi, I'm gail's day...I'm in a nutshell)

I'm home for about a half hour, so, of course, I rushed to my Journal.

I had a busy day. Picked up my film from Walgreens. Nothing too quality, but I got a couple cute pictures of kitty. I went to both Best Buys...nothing. That's it. I give up on stores. I'm ordering online from now on!! Now all I need is a credit card...

Also, I got two more packs of Frappuccino. It's some good stuff. Ate 3/4 of a load of Rosemary and Onion Focaccia bread for lunch. I love Panera's bread. So good.

Went to Cici's apartment to use her scanner. 4 disks later...(I promise I will erase the disks and give them back, Ci, once I store all the pics on a Zip disk.) I will be adding a bunch of the scanned pics to my website...get excited.

I'm meeting some friends for dinner tonight at 6:30. We are having a "farewell Lindsay" night. She's the last of my senior friends to be leaving. Everyone else is gone. It's sad, but as I was scanning in pics today, I realized that I have a bunch of pictures of everybody, so that's good. Yay.

I'm gonna go transfer files from the borrowed floppies to a nice Zip disk. I'll check back later.

*If Your Gone - Matchbox Twenty
*Paint Me Blue - Tabitha's Secret
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    What am I doing in this nutshell? How do I get out of here?

*screams inside head* a warning, I'm about to loose it.

I...just...dont' know. I can't...GAH!!!

I can't think straight or type or anything.

My speeding ticket is due the 29th, and was supposed to be mailed 3 days in advance, and I forgot. I can't believe it. I'm so irresponsible. I...just... Damn it!!

Fall play practice starts sometime this week. I was supposed to go into school today to check out the schedule. I forgot about that too. If we had had the STUNTS meeting, like originally planned, I would have been fine. What if there is a rehearsal tomorrow at 9? I won't know about it.

I'm meeting my sister at the post office at 10 to get a money order and send out my speeding ticket. Hopefully they won't fine me for being late. Hopefully it also won't go on my record. It's bad enough I decided not to take the stupid 5 hour class to get the ticket cleared, but to have a late fine? Shit. Insurance will probably go up. Parents will probably find out. To this point, I don't think they know about it. Good.

The Theatre Freshman info meeting is tomorrow at 10:30.

Wednesday I have the booksale. Yuck. I'll need mommy's credit card...have to remember to ask her for that. Knowing me, I'll forget.

Forgot to ask her what Nikki and Amanda are doing Saturday (they will be babysitting kids as the wedding). Shit. I hate myself. Why can't I remember anything??????!!!

Don't know when play practices are. Shit. What if they interfere with STUNTS meetings, or the book sale. Or the wedding? He wouldn't have a rehearsal on a saturday, would he?

I wish Eric was online, so I could ask him about the fall play. I don't know if he would know, but it would make me feel a ton better to get my worrying out in the open.

Okay, I've officially lost it. I can't stop bawling my eyes out, and I can't find any kleenex in this entire house. WHAT THE FUCK?!


Sorry. I have to go now. akekjkjaglkgdalkhgdalkhg.
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Lighter note

Updating websites can be therapeutic.

Poofgone. Go play. Check out my 4 NSYNC PopOdyssey Ticket in concerts. Or, some NSYNC soundcheck party pictures in NSYNC Pictures. There's also a page of my friends and one for family. Pictures on both. Lots of uploading today.

This is my kitty Cici. She has her own page here.

Have fun.
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