August 23rd, 2001


As usual, I'm here only for your entertainment

Well, only if you are entertained by the witty and almost comic stylings I try each and every day to bring to my journal. If not, sorry, no fun for you.

As promised earlier, I am coming to you before bed with a good night message. I have sort of gotten over a little of the concert thing. I guess it never hit me that it was real anyway (even though I had the tickets and we were in the House of Blues). Things like that don't usually *hit* me, until the performer takes the stage. Until then, it's not real, so tonight was more being awoken from a dream. And though that sucks a lot, you get over it quicker than if you realized it's *real*. Yeah, so...yeah.

Chasing Amy was good for the second time. I think my friends were getting annoyed after the 5th time I would point out a reference to Clerks, or say "He played Gill Hicks in Mallrats, was the lead in Clerks, and also played a newscaster in Dogma." I shut up after that.

I'm not tired, and going to bed (after, of course, I finish talking to people on AIM).

One final note:
Sweet dreams to you all, and if you have already slept and are now awake, I hope you had a pleasant night last night.
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    What Do You See - Dexter Freebish (in head *sigh* *frown*)

Been up for an hour and haven't updated. I must be sick...

Well, it's not like I was doing other things, I was reading people's journals, so it's all acceptable.

Woke up this morning with a call from mom (I bet that's how everyone wants to get woken up...*grrr*). It wasn't bad though. She said that she had been worried about me downtown last night, especially since we didn't have any one older than 16 with us (hey, Allie's going to be 17 in a month, and I'm only 5 weeks behind her). Anyway, she was impressed we didn't get lost (just because you don't have a sense of direction, mom...). It was all good though.

I wonder if she knows I have another concert tomorrow night (yeah BNL)...but that's not downtown, and I drove to Tweeter 3 weeks ago (*sigh* three weeks without my Robbie. *sniff* I wanted to go see them in Indiana too, but it was a Tuesday night. I would've gone alone too.) Wow, I use parentheses like none other. Geez, this would be annoying to read, but then again, I don't usually read my own entries.

Tonight I get to go school supply shopping with my sister and niece. Yippy. I really don't want school to start, but at least I still have 13 days (I start Wednesday the 5th). We start late because of construction. I'm glad though, I wouldn't want to start school before the wedding. That would suck, and this way, I have 3 days of "recovery time" to get back into "school mode". Right, like I even have a "school mode".

Dunno why this popped into my head (nor should I think of NSYNC when I use the word "popped"), but I was watching VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock and Roll, and I think the funniest was when John Fogerty was charged with self-plagiarism because his solo work sounded too much like the songs he had written for Creedance Clearwater Revival. How stupid is that? He wrote both pieces of music in question, of course they would have some similarities. Thankfully, the jury found him not guilty and the case was dismissed.

Interesting side note: John Fogerty is the uncle of my freshman/sophomore year gym teacher. Yes, I was lucky enough to have her *twice* (sarcasm, much?) Eh, she wasn't that bad, but she was pregnant last year and had some major control issues going on. It was bad.

Well, I'm off to get some lunch. I will be back later!
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Hmmm...what to write?

I dunno really. Just wanted to make an entry.

Had left over Giordano's pizza for lunch. Yum, but tastes soooo much better fresh.

Today's the last day I'm taking care of Zoe (she starts Kindergarten tomorrow. *sniff* It seems like only yesterday she was a baby. *wipes tears*) Anyway, so all summer I've been trying to get her to save electricity by turning off TVs and lights when she leaves a room, and also trying to have her take her lunch plate into the kitchen everyday. I go upstairs earlier (after she has come downstairs to play video games) and the TV in the living room has been turned off. Yay! Then, after lunch, I go upstairs and her bowl and spoon is sitting on the kitchen counter. After 3 months, it finally sunk in and on the last day, she does everything right. I'm going to miss her next week when she's at school. *sniff again*

Stuff around here is really boring. Blah. Think I'll take a shower now, so I will be all clean and yummy smelling. Tonight I get to go school supply shopping. Yippy. I'm actually sort of half-excited. I love school supplies. Office Max is my best friend. But then again, it means school is starting. Yucky. Blech, gross. I don't want to go to school.

Zoe just came downstairs, wrapped her arms around me and whispered "I love you", then started singing to TIPY. How *sweet*! She's honestly making me cry. (There are definite tears in my eyes. She's so cute. I love Zoe.)

I love NSYNC when they harmonize. Ohhh, cute singing puppies. Everything is so dramatically sad around here, I feel like I should be in a movie, falling in love with some beautiful guy. Gah!

My favorite thing in the world: having good songs on when you don't control it. Like the radio playing two kickass songs in a row, or an mp3 player on random singling out you favorite artists, when it doesn't realize it. Yay.

Yeah, so I'm going to go now. I will write more later.

::Music of Choice for Today::
*Makes Me Ill - NSYNC (hmmm, drive to Cici's apartment and steal NSYNC Live at MSG DVD??)
*This I Promise You (Grammy's performance) - NSYNC (okay, yes, after shower, will be going to Cici's)
*Busted (acoustic) - Matchbox 20
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Busy day tomorrow...

What I just realized...*slaps forehead*...I have my first of three STUNTS Board meetings tomorrow. It's at noon, so I'll have to be up by 10:30 to shower and maybe pick up Nikki before it.

It's going to be 3 hours, blah? Hopefully it won't seem as long as it sounds. However, it ends at 3 which means that Nik and I will be going straight from there to pick up Allie and Amanda and start on our way down to the Barenaked Ladies concert. Ya gotta love Canadian bands. I've heard they are good in concert, and really funny too. I hope so, the tickets were 56 fricking dollars. Hmmm, I might want to plan for food in there somewhere. Hell, I could go all day without food, it would just be kinda nice to eat something.

I'm a planner, I really am, but the things I plan for are gas (which I will be getting tonight), and time and traffic. I don't usually plan for food, or bathroom stops. I think that makes me a fundamentalist.

Gonna go do. Maybe go to Ci's. I kinda feel like watching Chasing Amy, but I just saw it last night. Maybe Mallrats. But definitely need some NSYNC now. I vill ve back lat-tar. (dunno what accent that was, but that's how it came out in my head.)

*Dream On - Depeche Mode
*Alright - Five For Fighting
*Call and Answer (live) - Barenaked Ladies (yay!)
*Two Points for Honesty - Guster
*Put Your Lights On - Santana feat. Everlast
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Hmmm...this could be bad

I was checking my palm pilot for next week. There is not *one* day that I am not busy. And it's not just like an "oh, I have to be here for a half hour, then I'm free". The stuff I have scheduled is at least 2 hours a day (most of the time 3 or more). Kinda makes me feel important. The funny part is that a bunch of stuff has overlapping times. "Danger, danger Wade Robson...I mean Will Robinson...Does not compute..." It's okay though, cus I'm *dun-dun-da-dum!* Supergail!! It will all work out well in the end...somehow.

The event that I'm actually excited about is next Thursday I'm going to take my nephew Michael (who's turning 8 in about a month. 8! Oh my god, he's so big *tear*...This is like "nostalgia day" or something.). Anyway, so I'll be hanging out with him for a couple hours. Maybe I'll take him so a movie, are there any good kid-friendly movies out? Then maybe we can get lunch and go to a park or something. Hmmm, fun...

Well, I have made the executive level decision to stay here and not go to Ci's apartment. Though I want the pretty dancing boys...I'll just have to rewatch Road to Celebrity or something.

Ah!!! I just found a $20 gift card to Best Buy. Oooooo! New CD? Pretty Dancing Boys on DVD?? ahhh! The endless possiblities...yummy...

I must go now...I don't know why, just feel like I'm a brook...over and over again...and I just won't shut up...annoying huh?...I kinda like it...hee hee hee...

*More Than Words - BBMak
*Stand By Your Side - Samantha Mumba
*If I Had a Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
*Falls Apart - Sugar Ray
*Put Your Arms Around Me - Texas
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Zoe's so cute

She comes into my room with a little Beanie Baby dog and a blanket and starts laying it out on a chair.
Me: What are you doing?
Zoe: Puppy wants to take a nap, oh, he need's a pillow
Me: Okay (she runs upstairs and gets a pillow)
Zoe: Now he really like music, so you have to play it for him when he's sleeping. I'm just going to go play a game now.

Looks like I got stuck on babysitting duty. I wish I had a digital camera...I took a picture of her "doggie day care", but I can't put it in cus it's film...need website...need digital camera...need scanner...need money...
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you can call me unperfect, but who's perfect?... Oops, sorry.

I realized my last entry was a little "selfish". I want a website...want digital camera...want scanner...want money...

Now I'm happy. That is all.
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Massively long survey...sorry

Got this in an e-mail...I love these, so I figured I'd post it.
1. What's your name? Gail
2. Were you named after anyone? Nope.
3. Middle name: Marie
4. Last name: xxxxxx
5. Birthday: 11/05/84
6. Age: 16
7. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
8. Birthplace: Highland Park, IL
9. Location: Deerfield, IL
10. Height: 5'4" (without shoes...with: 5'8")
11. Shoe size: 9
12. Hair color: blond (not naturally)
13. Eye color: brownish-green
14. Pets: my kitty, Cici
15. Siblings: Chris - 28, Dave - 26, Emily - 22, Fayanne - 21
(What happened to question 16?)
17. Last CD you bought: I bought nine at once...Oleander - February Son, Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You, Incubus - Make Yourself, Dave Navarro - Trust No One, U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind, Toad the Wet Sprocket - PS (A Toad Retrospective), Evan and Jaron - Evan and Jaron [they are a creative bunch], Five For Fighting - American Town, Dexter Freebish - A Life of Saturdays
18. Last movie you saw in theater: American Outlaws
19. Last movie you rented: dunno, something with Lewis, cus he could rent for free
20. Favorite school subject: english
21. Do you actually like math: nope, but supposedly I'm good at it
22. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
23. Do you have a crush on anyone? not really
24. What's his/her name? what is this, the third degree?
25. Favorite actress: Julia Roberts
26. Favorite actor: John Cusack, Ben Affleck and Lucas from Empire Records (they are all tied)
27 Favorite movie: Currently, Dogma
28. Favorite TV show: The Iron Chef!!
29. Favorite song: Full Forever - Goo Goo Dolls, and When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies
30. Favorite singer/band: Matchbox Twenty
31. Favorite book: Hmmm, this is tough cus I don't read much...I'd have to go with Othello
32. Favorite store: Best Buy and Target are tied...I can go both places and spend an obscene amount of money
33. Favorite fashion designer: I like Express clothes, if that helps
34. Favorite perfume for girls: 8 (from Abercrombie - my cousin has it and it smells good)
35. Favorite cologne for guys: I'm not a big "cologne" girl, but anything that makes them smell good, and fresh, and maybe like rain
36. What language(s) do you speak? English, and enough French to read the notebook in the Sanrio store (3 years of French)
37. What do you look for in a friend? caring, loving, trustworthy, fun, serious, understanding, open to new ideas
38. What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? same, just male (for sure)
39. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? no
40. Do you do any drugs? no
41. How many people are on your buddy list? 76...I only talk to about 15 on a regular basis though
42. Who's your favorite relative? my sister Chris
43. What's your favorite sport: badmitton
44. Are you on any sports teams? nope.
45. Where's your favorite place to vacation? anywhere that will let me relax is good in my book
46. Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough
47. If you are a girl, what makeup do you wear every day? unfortunatly yes

What do You Think Of:
48. Bill Clinton: damn good president
49. Abortion: your body, your choice
50. Teenage smoking: just asking for cancer
51. Eating disorders: a real problem
52. Rap: blah
53. Marilyn Manson: eww
54. Boy bands: well...I'm sort of an NSYNC fan, but the rest of them are just there
55. Spice Girls: flash back to sixth grade
56. Premarital sex: sociatal more
57. Titanic (the movie with Leo): in retrospect, it was pretty bad
58. Jerry Springer: sometimes funny, sometimes scary
59. Rape: horrible
60. Suicide: unfortuatly a common place event :o(
61. South Park: offensive, but funny
62. Porn: distasteful

63. camp: insufficent child hood
64. food: hungry
65. school: homework
66. gym class: Ms. Muszalski two years in a row...bitch
67. future: distant
68. past: history
69. music: good, very good
70. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz: chorus warm up
71. Christmas: happy
72. sleep: so good
73. dog: blah...there are few dogs I actually like...Sophie, Bailey, and Angel
74. water: I don't drink enough

75. Did you dress up on Halloween: I don't think so
76. What were you? again, I didn't dress up
77. What CD(s) is in your CD player right now? Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You, Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up the Girl, NSYNC - car CD player currently has (laugh and I'll kick your ass) Zoe's Britney Spears - Oops I Did it Again
78. Do you have a job? not was my last day!!
79. Where do you want to go to college: Florida State University, and ??? I don't have my heart set anywhere yet
80. What does your school look like? a big mess of brick and big trucks
81. Have you ever been out of the country? nope
82. Where? the lost city of Atlantis...
83. What is your religion? though I was born Christian, I'm working on switching religions, cus this sucks...I'm thinking NeoPaganism
84. Have you ever met any celebrities? not that I concider celebrities
85. If yes, who? I'm not answering any more of these follow up questions
86. If not, who would you like to meet? *cough* the members of NSYNC
87. Do you go to a private or public school? public
88. What is your favorite day of the week? during the summer, it's Sunday...otherwise, I'm a big Friday fan
89. Do you go to summer camp? no
90. If so, where? grrrr...
91. What is your favorite color? purple/burgandy
92. Do you want to get married? yes
93. What's something you do that pisses off your friends? what do I do that doesn't piss them off? just kidding...probably talk...a lot
94. What is your favorite music video? I'm a big fan of NSYNC's I Drive Myself Crazy because they all look really good in silk pajamas and Lance's eyes are amazing
95. What's your favorite magazine? Teenie mags are good for collages, but I don't usually read any
96. Favorite holiday? Christmas (duh)

Either Or
98. Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
99. David Letterman or Jay Leno: I don't like either, but Leno's better than Letterman
100. MTV or VH1: MTV has Carson Daly, but VH1 has better music and shows (like the 100 Most Shocking Events in Rock and Roll hosted by Mark McGrath - I watched all 5 hours of it)
101. Backstreet Boys or *N Sync: umm...wanna take a wild guess?? hee hee
102. Spice Girls or All Saints: who are All Saints?
103. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck: Ben!!!
104. Beverly Hills 90210 or Dawson's Creek: toughy...I'm going to have to say BH90210
105. 7th Heaven or Party of Five: 7th Heaven (were these grouped cus they both have numbers?)
106. Diet Pepsi or Pepsi One: if you're gonna drink the crap, just drink regular Pepsi
107. Brandy or Monica: neither
108. Apples or oranges: apples
109. Chocolates or flowers: flowers
110. Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
111. Boys or girls: for what?
112. Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren: Ralph
113. Nike or Adidas: Adidas
114. Saved by the Bell The New Class or USA High: neither
115. I Know What You Did Last Summer or Scream: Scream
116. Taken or single: I'm happy either way (I think)
117. Sugar or salt: sugar
118. Silver or gold: silver
119. Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake: neither
120. Oprah Winfrey or Rosie O'Donnell: Rosie
121. Gym or lunch: who the hell would pick gym?

The Last of the Random Questions
122. Favorite name for a girl? Regan, Cordelia, Courtney, Caroline
123. Ever been to England? no
124. Where do you wanna go on your honeymoon? somewhere I've never been (shouldn't be too tough)
125. What do you think of the song "Pretty FLY FOR A WHITE GUY"? so passe (I can't make an accent ague in this e-mail)
126. Are you a vegetarian? mmm, cow...nope
127. Know anyone who is? yes
128. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move? anywhere would be cool...I don't really know though
129. Do you want to join a sorority or fraternity at college? I don't know.
130. What time is it now? 10:12

I told you it was incredibly long...but they are fun to do, so I did it. (Also, I appologize for spelling errors, but I don't want to go back and fix them all).
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Random Schtuff

1.) I found my little alarm watch that I use. Yay!

2.) I almost have gotten to the point of not loathing Kevin and learn...
Windy115: I like k_richardson >this< much now because of this: AJ bought green ketchup the other day. I thought it was really gross looking, but now I can't stop putting it on everything (everything within reason that is). Ew, there's green stuff on my veggie burger! *grin*
cicigreenwood: is that Kevin or Kristin?
cicigreenwood: I don't remember who has which name
Windy115: kevin
Windy115: and I *hate* kevin
Windy115: so this is BIG
cicigreenwood: you're funny

3.) I really like Britney Spears now

4.) Cleaning is a totally random thing and you cannot plan when or where it will happen. All of a sudden, you just get an impulse. It might be 3am and you start filling a giant garbage bag with crap and clean until you can't do anything else. If you plan it, you will procrastinate and it will never get done. Just wait for your moment of inspiration and go for it.

5.) My journal is currently all in type that is this big, and really annoying the fuck out of me.

6.) My cat has some strange infatuation with my closet. She always tries to get into it.

7.) I like linking to pictures (and really want a website...have I mentioned that much?)

This is Dexter Freebish...lead singer Kyle (in the middle) is a hottie. Rob the drummer (longer hair, almost Joe Perry looking), he's the one with the slipped disk which is why they've been canceling performances. :o(

8.) The Evan and Jaron song "South of Tennessee" is their best song (it could pass as non-Evan and Jaron), but it not on their CD. Makes me cry that I bought the CD, cus this song is *fabulous* and the rest of their stuff is mediocre.

That's may return to your regular lives now.
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