August 22nd, 2001


I'm Broken

If you notice, my last entry last night was a around 10:45. I was going to bed early because I figured I should get into that habit, and I was slightly tired.

I am in bed by 10:55. I had put on some CDs (Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up the Girl, Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You, and NSYNC - Celebrity). They start to play and I start to relax. I can't sleep. 11:05...11:11...11:32...the times are going by, slowly. I move around, trying to get comfortable. The CD changes. MB20, I can always relax to this. Surely it will put me to sleep. I hear every song on the CD. It changes a little after midnight. I still can't sleep, but I'm definitely getting tired. The effort itself has probably worn me out. I hear "Pop", "Celebrity", "Girlfriend", "The Two of Us" and "Gone". After that, it's a little fuzzy, so the way I figure it, I fell asleep around 12:30.

It took me an hour an a half. And I still slept until 10:30. I can't wake up early, nor can I go to bed early.

Can you help me I'm bent, I'm so scared that I'll never, get put back together, keep breaking me in, and this is how we will live, with you and me bent...
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    3am, Push, Bent - Matchbox 20

As shocking as it is....

I'm actually going to be abandoning my computer for an hour, or two, or however long it takes to clean my room.

It may be small, but hell if it can't store shit like nobody's business!!
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    Deeper - Dexter Freebish (concert TONIGHT!!!)

*wipes at forehead* That took enough time

Geez, I just finished cleaning my room. Yes, it was that messy. 3 hours. I can't believe it. Honestly, my room cannot possibly be more than 11'x14' big. Yet it stores so much crap.

Well, I have to do dishes and shower within the next hour so that I can start picking up people for Dexter Freebish tonight at House of Blues. Shit. It usually takes me an hour just to do dishes, and my back already hurts from the cleaning. Standing over a sink is not going to be good.

Anyway, gotta hurry! Bye!!
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Quick thoughts as I put on my capris....

Got dishes done: 33 minutes (score! that was faster than I though)
Shower: 10 minutes (mega-score, but that doesn't include getting ready)
Getting dressed: ?? (considering I decided to start a new entry before I'm dressed, I wouldn't know. Either way, I have about 20 minutes to finish getting dressed, applying make-up, styling hair, and getting out of here. I'm going to be late. Damn.)

One last quick back hurts. Was considering wearing new platform-ish Steve's, but those would hurt to much. Will be wearing old, flat, worn-in Steve's. (Mr. Madden and I are on a first name basis. Hell, I spend enough on his stupid shoes, I better be able to call him "Steve".)

Must finish dressing. I'll tell you 'bout the concert later!
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Sooooooo Pissed!!!

So I pick up all my friends, and we drive downtown. Yucky Chicago traffic, we make it down in about an hour and a half (so not too bad). We get to House of Blues (without getting lost, yeah me!) at 5:50. They open doors for the show at 6, so we meander around the building, using bathrooms and checking out the Company Store. When we go to get into the Main Hall, this security dude says "You know Dexter Freebish concert was canceled, right?" Umm...NO! So I say, "Can I refund the tickets or anything?" (Extremely full of *attitude*...I was mad!) He points to the box office. I wait there, and the woman says I can't exchange them here, because I didn't buy them here. That means I have to go back to Dominick's and if that doesn't work, I just got screwed out of $60. Mes amies have not paid yet, nor will I make them at this point.

I'm mad, but we obviously don't want to just go home, so we start to walk. We had seen a Nordstrom's (and as you may remember by my Indianapolis Nordstrom's story), I'm a goddess at finding malls. We enter Nordstrom's and low and behold...there's an entrance to a mall. We walk through The Shops of North Bridge, all four levels. It was relatively small. Quant, but cute. At Hallmark, I bought this *ugly* little Pandapotamus. (It's a Panda + Hippopotamus) It was on major sale and was only $1.90. I decided it would be cool to take pictures of it downtown to remember the night.

We decided to call Allie's mom for a suggestion of what to do (cus the mall was boring). She said we should go to Giordano's for dinner. Yum...really good stuffed pizza. She gives us some rough directions, because no one really knows where we are. However, thanks to my excellent sense of direction, and Allie's ability to find anything around the Michigan Avenue area (she's the shopping queen), we found it flawlessly...almost. We walked one block south before realizing we were going south and should be going north. The wait at Giordano's was about 45 minutes, so we sat around. Realized how hungry and thirsty we were, and waited impatiently for our table.

While sitting at a table near the bar, we decide to entertain ourselves with games of tic-tac-toe and hangman. There was a piece of paper a kid had been playing hangman with earlier. It wasn't finished. The little man was hung, but the spaces weren't filled in. We tried to figure it out with the only clues being that the 4th of 5 letters was A and that it wasn't I, M, E, B, P, T, L and some other letters. The only two things we came up with were Groan and Gonad...neither of which we decided were kid words.

We ate a delicious dinner of cheese stuffed crust pizza, garlic bread and Sprite (well, Melissa had spaghetti with a Coke, Allie had the pizza with a Coke, and Amanda had pizza with spinach and a water...though you don't really care about that).

We decided to walk back to the car the long way, via Michigan Avenue. It was past nine, so the stores were all closed, but it was still pretty. Got some more pictures of Peter the Pandapotamus with sculptures and stores. We walk an extra three blocks out of the way (because we didn't listen to me) and finally found the garage where we parked. Thanks to Allie's advice, we wound up on the roof (floor 11), though we were on 4, because she said the exit was that way. She was wrong, but we got out and on our way home. Thanks to my superior directional skills again, we find the street that will lead us straight to the hi-way and are on our way home.

I took Allie back to her house, but currently, Amanda and Melissa are over watching Chasing Amy. New Kevin Smith film opened today, but I didn't get to see it since I was supposed to be at the concert. Well, I'll probably write once more before bed, but for now...bye!
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