August 19th, 2001


Okay, it took 45 minutes to read through all this

I last checked journal around 8pm. I left home to watch SNL at Allie's house and returned (for curfew, bleck) by midnight. I check journal and I have about half a page of my friends who have posted and two full pages (30 entries) of Cici's friends to read.

Holy shit. Took me about 45 minutes. However, now I am up to speed on the lives of a bunch of people I only know through this lovely internet database...not to mention I have responded to some comments posted by j_timberlake and jcscottchasez. Now, I get to update my own journal! *throws confetti*

Watched the 100 Most Shocking Events of Rock & Roll or something like that on VH1. 5 hours long. It was so great. And it was hosted by Mark McGrath. I love these things. Countdowns of the top 50 albums ever, or the funniest 100 things in rock & roll. Whatever it is, I watch it. I sit there and watch it for all 2, 3, 5, 8 hours. I don't care. It's just cool. I actually missed numbers a couple when picking up our pics from Walgreens (sound check party...yippy) and dinner (yum, Boston Market). I also may have *ahem* stopped by Best Buy and picked up Josie and the Pussycats on DVD (haven't watched it yet. Seems like a guilty pleasure). I also misses between 12 and 1 because I was going to Allie's and we had angel food cake. (Yes, I swore of desserts. Yes, I had it with both strawberries and ice cream. Damn it, can I buy self control somewhere, because I obviously have none.)

After the 100 (blah, blah, blah)..., we watched Iron Chef on Food Network. It's the coolest show. It's all subtitles and voiced over because it's in Japanese. Basically there are two teams. One is the Iron Chefs. There are 4 of them, Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian. One is chosen each show. The other side is this guy who finds the best chefs and puts them up against the Iron Chef. For a "competition", they are given an hour to prepare a meal (full, about 5 courses) with the mystery item that changes every show. This time it was Natto - sticky beans. It was really funny. I was cheering for the competitor, but the Iron Chef Japanese won. Damn.

We then watched SNL with Mena Somebody (the chick from American Beauty and American Pie). It was funny. It was the one for the Presidential Inauguration, so there were a bunch of political jokes. Those are the best (especially now that I'm socially aware enough to understand them). I came home by midnight. Damn curfew.

So now I'm home. Talking to some people online. Yea Elliott!! He's in Arizona right now. And Carly, who is currently ranting on how her world revolves around me being perfect, and the typo I made sent her entire universe crashing down. Don't believe me? Read for yourself...

Carly: ok, okay?
Me: it was a typo
Carly: sure it was
Carly: gail never makes mistakes...
Carly: especially not on keyboard
Me: HA!
Me: yes, yes, it's horrible...the world is falling apart
Carly: only my world
Me: no, no aren't the only one who's life isn't a picture perfect fantasy
Carly: no, but my world is the only one run on the fact that gail never makes typing errors
Me: ah, i see....that sucks for you then, i guess
Carly: :::bursts into tears and runs out of the room:::
Me: ha ha

So you see, I am important. Yeah, so I'm gonna go now. I need to...I don't know. Read more journals, read slash, sleep, something...Bye!

*Only in Dreams - Weezer
*Every Other Time - LFO
*South of Tennessee - Evan and Jaron
*I Want to Come Over - Melissa Etheridge
*Lullaby - Shawn Mullins
*Blaze of Glory - Jon Bon Jovi
*Movin' Right Along - Muppet Movie
*This Is Not A Love Song - Tabitha's Secret
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Kinda late

Yeah, so I definitely not be drinking a Carmel Starbuck's Frappuccino at 2 am. Damn me.

I got bored waiting for other people to update and add to their journals, so I figured I would update mine.

I really need to find me some MB20 slash. If I can't, I'll settle for NSYNC, but I'm in a Rob on Paul mood. They are so cute together.

Okay, that's it for now.
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Holy Shit

Just finished entire Frappuccino in 12 minutes. It's going to be a loooooonnggg night.

Not to fear, Coffee is only the first of 7 ingredients. Damn, I'm a hypochondriac. I could have sworn my bicep was beginning to twitch.

That was the last of my 4 bottles....must buy more tomorrow.
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Still not asleep

Damn. Okay, so I read some MB20 slash and feeling very complete. Yea happy thoughts!

I'm never going to wake up tomorrow. Shit. If mommy's planning on going shopping after church (ew, who goes to church anymore. *sigh* Poor mommy), that would be around noon. Which means I have to be up to get ready by 11.

If she ditches out on church, then she'll probably let me "sleep in" until 10. Ha. If only she knew what time I wake up on a normal basis. Oh well. Either way, the most sleep I get is *figures numbers in head...carry the one...* Not working...resorting to fingers *counts...1...2...3...4...*

7 and a half hours. Yuck. And I want to go to bed early tomorrow night so I don't miss NSYNC on the Today Show. Stupid Central Time Zone. 7am?! I haven't been up that early since May. Fuck. Grrr, stupid puppies interfering with sleep. How can they do this? How is JC getting up that early? It's an outrage, he sleeps more than anyone, and he agreed to an interview at the butt-crack of dawn? I'm writing a letter...

Wow, actually getting tired. *yawn* Ah! actual yawn. Good sign, must try to settle in for the night.

[random though that crossed my mind: I wonder if my little African Violet would like to be fed Carmel Frappuccino. God knows I'm getting addicted, perhaps it would like it too...]
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Quicky Update

Got to sleep till noon...mmmmm, felt good. 8 1/2 hours isn't bad. My tummy was a little upset when I woke up though. Maybe I shouldn't drink Frappuccino before bed. Actually, I definitely should not.

Going shopping soon. Ma tante et cousine will be arriving here sometime around 1. We are going to Old Orchard. Yeah! But it's raining...I'll bring a rain coat (un impermeable en francais). And the Cook County sales tax is insane. Something like 8.5%. Oh well, that's why I'm not paying. Besides, Old Orchard has the best stores ever, and it's huge. Parking sucks, but we'll let that go.

Must go now...will update later
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Shopping Spree!!

Okay, so apparently my mother was in a better mood today than I could ever have imagined. We went back to school shopping, but it was more like "anything you see that you like we'll buy". It was amazing (and incredibly expensive). Here's what I got...
*Long gray Ralph Lauren skirt
*Short-sleeved wine/burgundy tee-shirt
*Two 3/4 sleeved thin sweaters (one gray, one red)
*A pair of light gray/blue corduroy pants
*A pair of Low-rise Flair jeans
*A big comfy light blue sweater
*A thin turtleneck brown sweater
Steve Madden
*2-4 inch platform sandals (black)
Abercrombie & Fitch (though I've sworn off the store, Mommy made me get it)
*A burgundy heather long sweater with hood and pockets

It's safe to say, I made out with a bandit, and cost my mommy a lot of money. But now I have so many new clothes, which totally compensates for the not getting any new summer clothes. (At all. I got a pair of capris in the spring, but that was it.) It's happy.

I'm a little on the tired side, but I'm gonna go read new entries from other peoples, and probably update again before bed.

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*Demons - Guster
*Can it Be Love - Samantha Mumba
*Push (acoustic) - Matchbox 20
*If I Am - Nine Days
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