August 17th, 2001



I soooo should not be writing an entry right now. but *We're Back!!* from our last NSYNC concert of the tour (even though I really want to go to Columbus. I would probably sell my soul to the devil to go there...acutually, since I don't believe that you really can sell your soul, I definitely would. Hell, the point is I would do almost anything...and it's so wrong, but the thought that just crossed my mind (don't yell at me Cici) was sleep with Steve Fatone. Slack, he wasn't there. Bastard.)

I must say it was the most mellow of the concerts, but only from a personal point of view. That doesn't mean that I didn't stop moving and dancing around the entire concert, or that I didn't belt out every word to every song like it would be the last thing I spoke. However, before and after the concert there was a lot more "down time" for me. Probably from the extreme lack of sleep. Slept (poorly for the first half, then I got a sweater and a blanket) for the entire way home. I'm probably going to get sick, I'm really tired right now, but I can't really sleep. I'm shaking, so I really have to settle down and relax before I try anything. Then I'll be out like a light.

I'll come back with an in-depth entry on the sound check party, concert and travels tomorrow. For now, I need to get to bed. I really can't be sick, it would give mommy too much pleasure.
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Good morning...errr...almost afternoon

God am I tired. But I can't sleep anymore, so why not write about the Indianapolis show? Yeah!

9:11am - Run to Wal-greens. Pick up 8 rolls of film and a camera battery. Go Home.

9:45am - Pick up Candace to babysit Zoe.

10am - Cici and I leave on time. (amazing, but we do).

I lost track of time after that. Took us a hell of a long time to get through Chicago (or at least it felt like that). Listened to BBMak, which in the CD Changer, was followed by Celebrity, then NSYNC, and finally No Strings Attached.

Somewhere around 11:30 we are extremely hungry and stop for a brunch-type of meal at Denny's. Mmmm, ham and cheese omelet. By a little after noon, we were back on our way. I decided to nap, cus the 5 hours of sleep was really catching up to me (and beating me upside the head.) I awoke when Chris pulled into a Stake 'n Shake. Shake Time!! Mmmm, a strawberry and chocolate shake to go please. (Chocolate is so much better.)

After shakes, we walk across the parking lot to the local Mejier store. Cici needs film and camera batteries (she isn't prepared like me). We walk around the whole store, cus we are like that. Found a bunch of cool stuff. The concert poster that they sell for $10, was only $3.50 there. There was also an NSYNC sticker book, and huge wall stick-ups of the guys. I wanted to get the set with JC and Chris, so I could take JC and Cici would take Chris, but we didn't buy them. Also spotted a Justin race car. The other guys were not to be found. Damn. Bought the film, batteries, and envelopes (we were planning on making impromtu notes to the guys..."why doesn't Chris sing fallen on the import album?"..."Joey, the world doesn't need anymore Fatones. Be safe tonight"...there was more, but I forgot them. We never ended up doing it. I think we should have. Damn.)

Continued on our way about 5 minutes to 2. We were about 45 minutes out of Indianapolis. Kept driving. Cursed as slow people. Found our way to the "big" city. (It was actually a pretty cute city. I enjoyed what I saw of it, but it's tough coming from Chicago and being impressed by anything else. I'd probably be impressed by New York, but I've never been there.)

We park in a garage across the street from the RCA Dome. We go find the chicky that would be giving us our sound check passes, and get in line. This was around 3:15. By 4:20, we hadn't moved, so I told Cici to go get our tickets from the Will Call window. More standing around doing nothing. The chicks behind us were insane and a little annoying, but they made comments on stuff that Cici and I would have held back on, and that made me laugh. There was this one woman, extremely tall, bad clothes, her long black hair curled up on her head, and bad pale make-up with red lipstick. I wasn't going to say anything, but one of the chicas mentioned that she should be touring with KISS. "Yeah, I wonder if they know she stole their makeup?" I almost died. It was great. For the most part though, they were just irritating. Around 5. They led us into this kinda scary, underground looking room. It was big and we were all just standing in lines. More waiting. At least 15 minutes. Probably about 25. Finally they lead one row into this door way. And the rest of us were still waiting. For another 5-10 minutes. I don't understand the point of that, but then they opened one door in front of us, and all of a sudden the lines disappear and Cici and I, who were in the middle of the middle row, are in the back of the heard. And we hadn't moved at all. A few more people were let in so we weren't the last, but for a while, we were. We enter into the dome, and are in a line to get seats. Unfortunately we aren't on a catwalk. Those would have been the best seats. We were actually about 3 seats from the end. Damn. But it was pretty cool. They all looked really good, even if Joey was wearing baby blue cross between jumpsuit and hospital gown. It was weird, but he was definitely not back to his normal self yet. I wish I had a camera with better zoom. My pics are going to suck, but I took a whole roll anyways. I wish we had been closer to the stage so at the end when they are taking off the mics, I could see their totally riped stomachs (like that one pic of Lance someone had. Gah!)

The Q&A was fun. They were definitely working to entertain themselves more than the fans, and I like that. One girl asked if they liked to travel, to which Justin replied, "Do you want the political answer or the truth?" JC gave the political answer, "We like to travel, but we hate all it takes out of you," or something like that. Another girl asked what candy bar they would be if they were one. Justin said he would be a Carmello because he was so smooth. Chris said he was a Mr. Goodbar, JC was called a Whatchamacallit, and I don't remember Lance or Joey's. That question was definitely more entertaining for them than the audience, who barely laughed at anything. They ended with a performance of "Pop" (they started with "This I Promise You") and then it was over. Seemed to go by too fast, but it was cool anyway. Got our cheap pre-signed b&w picture of them and was released back to the crowds outside the stadium.

Decided to go to the car and drop off some stuff. I decided not to take my purse or camera, or anything but money, ID and ticket. The way they had the set up, instead of being one seat away from the catwalk, we were one seat from the aisle. It's screwed up though, cus their sections went 1 thru 4 going right to left. All other venues had them going left to right. It makes me really pissed because we should have been on the catwalk. Saddens me deeply.

We had about an hour until they would start letting people into the dome, so we decided to walk around the great city of Indianapolis and find a bathroom. Being girls, we have an innate sense of direction for malls, and found a Nordstrom's within two blocks. Checked out the cute shoes and wondered around the mall (which was very pretty) for about 45 minutes. We walked back to the stadium, found our entrance gate and waited until 6. We found our way inside, went to the aisle it said to go to, and confirmed the fact that they had the set-up wrong. We entered from the direct opposite side of the stadium than our "seats" were on. It was backwards, and we should have been on the catwalk. Sucks a lot, and really made me want to complain to someone, but who? All the personnel were clueless. It took five men before they could figure out where we were seated. Hell, I could have found our seats, it was just a technicality to show the tickets to everyone you pass. They suck. Finally got to our seats. They weren't bad, 27th row, 17 seats from the catwalk, but I wanted to be on the catwalk. Arg!

Decide to walk around. Bought breadsticks and waters. That was dinner. Waited patiently for Steve to come out, so we could make fun of him. He wasn't there! Damn it, Fatone! What else do you do in your life except for mooch off your brother, and you couldn't be there?? Made me sad. Sadder than it should have. Damn it Steve!

During the first opening act, Little J or something like that, we took a bathroom break. I had drunken a bottle and a half of water. Bad idea before a concert. Second opening act was Deborah Gibson. I wasn't impressed, nor would I have been able to tell she was a professional Broadway singer and had had a number one hit in the 80s, if I hadn't known who she was previously. Last opening act was cute. She was Christina Milian. Reminded me a lot of Samantha Mumba because she was just so adorable, and was actually pretty good. After her, of course they put up the Countdown, and everyone gets excited until it says 30 minutes. Ha ha, you people suck. When it gets closer to about 10 minuted until actual showtime (when the 30 minute count down is up) a bunch of people are standing and staring at the pod, which wasn't covered up. I don't understand that one. Anyway, the crowd is so confused because they are playing the Rolling Stones over the speakers (like always), but because it's a live recording (hmm, oxymoron), there is cheering and stuff, so everyone gets up, expecting the show to start. Stupid people. This goes on for about 4 songs, and finally the lights go out. Everyone is standing looking at the pod, but Cici and I are watching the screen. Waiting for Joey to come on. Hee hee, he's so cute as a nerdy teacher. We watch the video, then, when everyone else has turned to the stage to watch the video and fake monks, we turn to the pod. Stupid people.

The show was fantastic as always. Chris was especially funny during the chaps strip scene. He overplayed it a bunch. Then some girl threw two dozens of roses onto the stage. He picked up the two bundles, and pretended that he'd just won a beauty pageant and hums the Miss America song. He offers the chaps to the girl, and does his "tough, you can't have 'em" before walking back to the stage. Some of the guys comment on his beautiful flower, then they go on with the show. Nothing went wrong. All the effects and stuff worked. Damn. But it was a good show.

We left at the beginning of Bye, Bye, Bye. I made another trip to an empty bathroom (amazing how that happens), and Cici and I both buy a set of those picture things that cost $5 each. I think the guy screwed up though, cus I was sure there were 10 different pictures, but we both only got 8. They might not have been the same 8 either. I don't know...we didn't compare them. We get our free Oreos and book it back to the car. We get in and settled and leave quickly. As we get to the garage exit, everyone starts flowing out of the dome. Try not to run over any teenies and follow the signs to I-65. We hit a stoplight as we see buses. 5 buses traveling. We speed to catch up and hit two more stoplight. We go through one (after seeing that it is perfectly clear) and get on the highway to I-65 and I-70. With careful maneuvering, we just about catch up with the buses as the road diverges into 65 and 70. They take 70. I wish in my head that we would have followed them. It's not like we would have gone all the way to Pennsylvania. It would have been a half hour at most. The two interstates run side by side for a little bit, and we are next to the last bus in line when the roads totally split. I kick myself over and over for having my camera in my purse, which was all the way in the back of the Blazer. Sucked a lot.

Still being extraordinarily tired (I honestly could have fallen asleep during the warm up acts. Yes, it was loud, but I could have done in very easily.) I was freezing. It's weird, because I'm a very temperate person, but when I get sick or overly tired, I can't control my body heat as well. My sweater is also all the way in the back with my purse, I couldn't get it. I sleep for I don't know how long, off and on due to the cold. We finally stop at a gas station, so I get out and grab my sweater along with a blanket. I think I was asleep again before Cici finished pumping gas. Returned home at 2:30. Got ready for bed, and while going to turn off my computer, wrote the entry from last night.

I just woke up at 11:45 this morning. Immediately turned on the 'puter, cus what else do I do all day? Right now it's 1:10. It's taken me an hour and 15 minutes to describe our journey, and I'm sure there's stuff I forgot.

Okay, so I really have to go shower, maybe feed the kid some lunch, since it's past 12. I'll come back soon, I'm sure of it.

Oh, and also. I no longer feel resentment toward the infant. I enjoy him, he's a funny guy. The only reason he's more popular is because all the teenies worship him. Strip away the teenies, and I bet he's not the most loved. Us mature fans base our favorites on different standard. What those standards are, I don't really know. JC's just pretty.
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By popular demand.....okay, by Cici's request

This is the letter I submitted to the guys at the sound check party. It's rather dull, sucks a lot, but oh well. It was late when I wrote it, and they won't read it anyway.

With no further adeu...the letter:

Thur, Aug 16, 2001
1:54 am
Dear guys

I'm not really sure how to address thisboys, men, guys, NSYNC, puppiesI settled for "guys". I'm also not sure why I'm writing this. I guess it's because I can. But then again, I'm sure you get a lot of letters starting with "I dont know why I'm writing you now" and I strive to be an individual.

First off, I guess I'd like to say that I enjoy you. Plain and simple. Well, not so plain. You arent my favorite band (can you even be considered a band?), sorry. Your music is okay. I'm not a huge pop fan. Hell, I just finished watching the Director and Cast commentary version of Dogma. How many teenies appreciate Dogma and the works of Kevin Smith enough to buy the Special Edition DVD of it, and actually watch the commentary, and not just the outtake. They wouldn't know quality shit if it bit them in the ass. Oh well, they will grow up (I hope).

Hmmm, starting to bash the teenies (and you guys, sorry, no offence meant whatsoever). And though I've just stated that I don't really like pop music, and you guys aren't a band (though you do rank in my top 10 bands), you may be wondering why the hell I spend money on your concerts, and take time to write you a letter. Basically, I love you guys as people. Your personalities are fantastic, and you seem like just a regular group of down-to-earth guys that would pick playing video games over going to fancy restaurants with snooty waiters. To hell with that, bring on the Playstation. (I myself am more a Nintendo girlSuper Smash Brothers all the way!) Why I'm telling you this, I don't know. I tend to get off on tangents, and I apologize right now.

Personality, rightso it all started for me when I saw NSYNCs Greatest MTV Moments. (Yes, I didn't become a fan until well after the NSA album was out.) For the first two hours, my sister and I spent laughing (both at and with) you and basically making fun of you. The next time I saw it (because MTV tends to overplay and overrun things like that), I started to gain an interest on how you superstars could be so normal. It was amazing to me, and people like that are always more attractive (I can't think of a better word than that, not physically, but it draws you in). You wear tee-shirts that say "boy bands suck" or hats advertising "NSUCK". You can make fun of yourself, and that is awesome. Pure gold. Make you more real. This probably explains my love of Kevin Smith films (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and the soon to be released in theatres Jay and Silent Bob Strike Backif you havent seen them, watch them, youd probably like them a lot).

Again, tangent. So I guess that's just where I stand. I like you for who you are (or at least seem. God, I hope you aren't jerksI swear, I would kick myself for ever liking you if you turned out to be real assholes.) I guess the personality thing sort of sucked me in though, cus I found myself taping your appearance on the View (it was funnyand dost my ears deceive me, or did Lance say something about dating Joey, but they broke up? Guess I'll never know, but I figured I'd put that out there.) Also, The Road to Celebrity on MTV was funny and highly entertaining for the whole two hours.

Why I decided to see you in concert for the *cough* fourth time, is really beyond me. I guess I come with my sister, who is a slightly bigger fan than I am. I'm driving 4 hours to Indianapolis because we got sound check party pass things. Why is this so cool? Because I can see you guys being you. Normality is ten-times better than anything else.

I think another reason I like you is thanks to all those obsessive over-25 fans out there. The ones who aren't teenies and write fiction (slash) about you that makes me laugh, and sometime makes me wish JC and Lance really were a couple because they were always the sweetest pairing. Ah yes, slash. It's so cheesy, and feels cheap, but sometimes it can totally brighten up a sucky day when Chris finally decides that hes not too old, and Justin's not to young, and he feels hes falling in love.

Wow, another tangent I was hoping not to even touch on. I find it hard to explain the slash craze to anyone but those that are already fans. It's like cheesy grocery store romance novels. I don't understand what people see in them, but then again, I've never read one.

So this is my letter. You are fun people. Keep that up. If you weren't famous, maybe you'd be the biggest losers on the block. Maybe you really are, but the fame hides that. Basically, I think I'd like you either way. The overexposure just makes it easier for me to see that. I guess it's the message that was put out in Celebrity (both the song and an album as a whole). So the answer, boys: yes.

Yours truly,
Love always,
and Goodnight,

(I'm from a suburb of Chicago, Deerfield, if you care)

PS I'm usually a lot more entertaining and quarky. This was a rather dull letter, and I apologize. I guess it just seemed right. Oh yeah, and JC is the most beautiful, pretty man ever. And, I like the hair long, but get rid of the tight curls. Its way too early nineties. Reminds me of the movie Coming to America with Eddie Murphy, and the one guy played by Eriq LaSalle sells that perm grease stuff. It's no good. (Yet another fantastic and unnecessary tangent. At least it's the last. Farewell, gentlemen. I hope you all have incredible lives and have fun living them out to the fullest. :o)
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Okay, so thanks to my new LJ friend Kikei, I have just discovered Matchbox Twenty slash. This makes me so incredibly happy, because I love MB20 (even more than NSYNC) and though NSYNC are obvious slash targets, MB20 is a bit harder. Hee hee, I'm so excited right now...must read more.
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Mama gets off work at 3 on Fridays

She calls at 2:45, asks about Indy. What time we got home, what time I woke up this morning. Small talk that I'm sure she really doesn't care to know about. I was going to lie, but decided it wasn't worth it, "Um, around 11:30". An almost inaudible *tsk* was heard at the other end. In the words of JC during "Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby", "F*** You!" She mentions that she'll be getting off work and 3 and wants to know if there are construction trucks in front of the house. [*light bulb* so that's why she called!] I say no, though I'm not entirely sure cus I'm still down in my room. (Luckily, I was right. Yea me.)

She says she'll be home about 3:20. Shit i hang up with her and dash upstairs. Quickly tell Zoe that she's having lunch. She requests soup, which is what I was going to convince her to have anyway. There was left over in the fridge so it would only take 3 minutes to heat up, instead of the regular 7 it making on the stove. While it's circling the microwave, I run downstairs and get clothes for my shower. I chug 3/4 of a Carmel Starbuck's Frappuccino. I serve child her soup and run to the bathroom. Jump in the shower, get out, brush teeth. Rip brush through wet hair. Ouch, but it's faster than being gentle. 3:10 - damn. I never have had the knack to be quick in the bathroom. Come out and run down the hall. Tell Zoe she's done with lunch and we are going outside. Fly downstairs to put away pajamas and grab notebook so I can write down my entry (which has been running though my head through the course of events).

Come upstairs, and clean up Zoe's lunch mess. Tell her to find shoes while I rinse out bowl, and turn off TV and movie she was watching. Shoo her outside and she plays while I sit on a bench and write down my entry. Mom comes home. Makes critical remark about her not being able to stay outside with Zoe because she has to clean, implying that I don't do anything around the house. *Fa?* [sidenote (this part not in notebook): Fa? I have just decided is a questioning WTF kind of reaction, where you just can't get words out and just end up with a "Fa?]

Zoe decides she wants to go inside with Grandma. I tell her "no" that we have to stay outside. While I'm explaining this, she walks past me, to the back door, and with a stupid grin on her face, opens it and goes inside. Oh yeah, she listens to me real well. I follow inside, a few steps behind, and she already has her Scooby-Doo movie back on and is eating cookies that I said she couldn't have. Grandma comes from down the hall and says we either have to go outside or downstairs because she doesn't want us in the way while she cleans house. I tell Zoe we have to go outside and she says that she's going downstairs. Here I am, trying to put up a good front and Zoe is being herself. She would rather play video games than play outside. Mom things it's my fault we don't go outside enough, but Zoe just doesn't want to. I give her the option of playing outside almost everyday (with exception the days that we have excess heat warning where about 10 people day everyday from heat exhaustion. Those, of course are the days she wants to be outside. Kids are a bugger sometimes.) If I push the idea enough, she will come outside, but I hate to bride or threaten her to go out. Makes me feel like a horrible babysitter. So here we are, sitting in the basement. She's playing Super Mario 64 and I'm writing my entry in a notebook. My mother is probably extremely disappointed with me. She's always so critical. Hate that about her.

We are going shopping Sunday with my Aunt Judy, and cousin Stephanie (qui a 17 ans). Back-to-school clothes and such. Hopefully she'll be generous and buy me a lot. Still haven't seen any money from my Grandma's estate. At this point I'm not expecting to, either. Fuck it. Okay, going in room to transcribe this to LJ. I'm sure I'll add more after.

...And of course I am. Zoe just turned off the video game to watch Clifford, the Big Red Dog. She randomly just walked in here, and gave me a hug. For whatever reason, it made me cry. *exhale* Geez.

Can't think of much more to write now. I'll be back later, I'm sure of it.
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Paint Me Blue

This song just came on my mp3 player, and I love it so much, so I figured I put the words out there. It's a great song.

Paint Me Blue - Tabitha's Secret (written by Rob Thomas)

There's not enough of me well
There's way too much of you
I think I saw some happy people yesterday and that'll never do
There's never too much violence
Ain't it time we had a war
You leave on your shirt and I'll be skins
And we'll go flying through the door

These are violent times
And I only want to do my part
To sink to hatreds depths and smile at what we've all become

I need understanding
Just a pack or two
To help me with my troubles, and what to do's
I don't feel no raging
There ain't nothing new
Drop me in the ocean
And paint me blue

I don't have a worry
I don't have a care
I don't have a sound piece of mind
But I manage to fare
I don't like my neighbors
Well they're just not my kind
And I think it might be all for the whales
And I really don't mind

If these are the golden years
Then I think it's time to cash them in
To sit in our rocking chairs
And talk about the good old days

I need understanding
Just a pack or two
To help me with my troubles, and what to do's
I don't feel no raging
There ain't nothing new
Drop me in the ocean
And paint me blue

These are violent times
And I only want to do my part
To sink to hatreds depths and smile at what we've all become

I need understanding
Just a pack or two
To help me with my troubles, and what to do's
I don't feel no raging
There ain't nothing new
Drop me in the ocean
And paint me blue
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So Justin's picture from InStyle is floating around everywhere, and I really, really like that picture. So many naughty infant thoughts. I think I need some Juppy slash after this. Wow.

Saw American Outlaws this evening (after a phenomenal sandwich at Potbelly. It's a really good sandwich place, mostly in and around Chicago, but they are soon expanding to DC.) Anyway, the movie. Not bad. Actually pretty good. Main character, Jesse James: thing Scott Stapes (from Creed), but hotter. Honest to god. Holy shit this guy was hot....gonna try to find a pic to link him to. It's worth the matinee price of a ticket definitely.
Side view of hottie:

And another (him with pretty girl):

Lots of pretty boys, on pretty horses, with pretty cowboy hats...and guns. Hee hee, so great.

After the movie, I came home. Mommy made comment before I left cus I said I'd be home before 9 (I was going with friends who don't usually go back to someone's house after 8). I got home to an empty house (yippy), but within 15 minutes parents were home. Mother was shocked. I said I'd be home before 9, and I was. Go figure. I don't know what makes her doubt me so. I don't usually lie to her. If I'm going to be out late, I tell her, "I won't be home until late." No trust at all, and so uncalled for. I'm such a trusting kid. Geez.

Have more journal reading to do...I shall return later.
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Guilty Pleasure...

Can I tell you how much I love the song Irresistible by Jessica Simpson. Honestly, who doesn't like a song that basically says, "I really know I shouldn't have fucked him, but damn it! He was hot!"

I may have made this point before, but I needed to reiterate it.

(And how cute is the little "horny" kitty mood icon? So cute. Look at that sly little smile. Hee hee!)
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Side note to Cici...

In my last entry, when I was talking about the "sly" kitty smile....

It made me think of NSYNC and Something Like You. I blame that on you. Damn anagrams.
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So not worth it

So after my Jessica Simpson comment, I decided to look through some older entries and try to find if I had actually said it yet. I started actually reading them, and I write a lot, so finally, I just said, "screw it".

I did make a cool decision though. I was reading an entry somewhere around July 20th, and in the "current music" area, I wrote "I just ate a whole box of Nerds." It was so random, but makes me laugh (like, I honestly chuckled outloud to my own entry). My decision: anytime I have a playlist or the song I'm listening to is obvious (like Paint Me Blue or Irresistible), I will write something completely unrelated to anything else. I hope it works.

I think this is my 10th entry of the day. *throws confetti* This is my first time into the double digits. Amazing. I've just been a journalling machine today. Arha ha ha! (evil Sean Connery laugh on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy parody)

I want a website. Somewhere that I can post random pictures (of NSYNC), cool quotes, funny quotes, good songs, good movies, a link to my journal. I think that would be the coolest. My friends are still wary of the journal. "I don't want other people reading my journal" Well, if it's private, then don't write it in the livejournal, but half the fun is playing off an audience. Knowing someone else might stumble upon your journal and get a little taste of who you are. It's expression, and just plain fun. Hell, it has kept me occupied all summer. Ah, well. I guess you can't push it. Besides, if they don't get journals, then I can keep writing about them without worrying if what I say would be offensive.

I think it's just about bedtime. Nighty night everybody out there.

*Mrs. Potter's Lullaby - Counting Crows
*If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
*Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk
*Falling - NSYNC (wow, didn't think I would, but during the first chorus, I *squee*ed in my head)
I WANT TO GO TO PITTSBURGH AND COLUMBUS!!! (crack, it's all the crack)
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Make that 11

I wasn't going to, but I feel I have to explain my last random "current music" comment.

I have a print of Monet's Cliff Walk at Pourville hanging above my computer. There are nine sailboats in the water below the cliff, but they are far away, and look like Pope hats. Thus the drowning popes in the painting.
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