August 1st, 2001


All's Happy in Mudsville

Checked my e-mail. Got sooo many responses, which makes me sooooo happy. Thanks to Octain for her help with linking. Look! A link! Also got an e-mail reminding me about the Single (formerly Blue Sky Roadster) concert tomorrow night in San Fransisco. If I had the means to fly there for a night, just to see them, I would. But then again I don't. Small sadness, but I didn't have my hopes up or anything. Hopefully they will start touring, maybe stop at the House of Blues in Chicago. I would love them forever if they did.

I crashed at my sister's apartment last night, cus it was late and I didn't feel like driving home. (I can do that now that I don't have to borrow a car). I went with her last night to by a huge new curio cabinet. It's so pretty, and because O'Reilly's was having a huge sale on everything, it was about $300 less than she thought it would be. How cool? It's getting delivered to her apartment today between 1 and 5, so I'll have to back back there. I decided to come home, though, so I could use my computer (for Live Journal purposes of course) and to wash my car. Hee hee, take pride in ownership.

Must go to the bank today. Never did call yesterday, but I have to make a deposit and withdraw. I have $50 to my name (it was five before my sister donated to the "I'm broke" fund) and no hopes of getting any more money until next Monday, and I have the concert Friday night. It doesn't mesh well for me. I also want to buy all the stuff I need for my car before making my first semi-major trip to Tinley Park. Need parent for banking *bleck* but it's okay. If they let me, I might open a checking account with my sister as co-sign. Then with it, I would get this cool thing called The One Card. It's a check card, not a credit card, but because it has a Visa logo, it is accepted the same way a credit card would be. Some placed that might not except a debit card, would accept this. I think it's pretty cool.

Yeah, so on my checklist of things to do yesterday, I didn't do any of them. Well, I take that back. I tried winning the NSYNC contest. I looked up the banking options online not quite the same as calling, but oh well. The life of a slacker can be so hard sometimes.

Well, must make child breakfast and wash my car. I'll check back later. Feel free to leave me comments...I love them!
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Out the Window

Just went upstairs to get my niece breakfast and looked out the window. My dad, who got off work after 4 hours today, was washing my car. My car. (I really like HTML...hee hee). Anyway, I know it's really nice of him, and I don't have to go outside in what feels like 91 degree weather, but it's my car. I wanted to wash it. Maybe I'll do all the inside stuff, like windows and dash. But that's not the fun part. I wanted to wash it. Maybe I'll drive through somewhere really dirty and gross and have to wash it again. Hmmm, must think of something.
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Call me crazy...

Though I prefer "gifted". My dad just left the house (I know because I heard the back door open). That is not impressive, what is impressive is that he left with my mom's keys. How do I know? For some reason, I can tell the sounds of people's keys. If I'm sitting in the living room and someone comes in the back door, I can tell exactly who it is, by the sound of their keys. I can also recognize just about anyone's car. Sure, licence plates help, but I was following my dad this morning, and there are a lot of white Astro vans out there, but I knew it was him before I was close enough to even see the licence plate. I'm not sure where this crazy "sixth sense" of mine came from, nor is it very useful, but I think it's damn cool.
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I'm at my sister, Cici's, apartment. I made my niece lunch, then told her to take a nap. She's currently still up and watching Toy Story 2. Oh yeah, she listens to me well. "No toys, it's naptime." I walk in and she's sitting there playing Game Boy. Grrr. I decided to bring some blank CDs and steal some of my sister's cool programs that she got on her new computer. I used about one fifth of the entire CD and I copied her updated version of CD Creator, her good Dell imagery/photo studio software, along with some other stuff I decided to copy to take up space. That took about 5 minutes and I was bored again.

She has a tv and DVD player and all that fun stuff, but I'm not in the mood for that. So, I rigged up her elaborate set up for connecting to the internet through dial up. I wanted to check my e-mail, but I don't know how when I'm not at home. There's no website I can go to. Maybe I'll try to set up her Outlook Express to receive my mail.

I gave in and had to bring my semi-broken portable CD player into the my car. It took me about ten minutes to try and find the car kit. Why would I need a car kit when I bought it in sixth grade. Finally found it and listened to Celebrity all the way here. It's only semi-broken, because although it works, the lid falls off when you open it, and doesn't quite close all the way, you sort of have to hold it on. It's complicated, but soon I'm going to get an mp3/CD player. Happy! 20 hours of music on one CD...why didn't they think of that before?

Waiting sucks. I have to stay here until the furniture people bring the curio cabinet. "Sometime between one and five." I could be stuck here for another 3 and a half hours. There's nothing wrong with the apartment (I love it, Cici...don't kick me out...), but I want to be free. It wouldn't be bad if I was just hanging out here, but it's the psychological thing of being stuck here. I must stay here. It has that "the walls are closing in on me" type of feeling. Blah. Hmmm, time to raid the pantry.

Well, I should probably wrap up this entry. It's been my experience that people tend not to read entries that are really long. Ah, sucks to be you then. Never know when I'm going to say something funny, or relevant. You might be missing out. Ta ta.
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My pledge....

I hearby pledge my undying love and devotion to cereal, the best food ever. It's a breakfast food, a dinner food, a between meals food, a midnight snack food, a road trip food, a no tools necessary to eat food, a sweet food, a wholesome food, a healthy food, an easy food. Mostly, it's just good.

But all of my sister's cereals are stale. Damn you!!!

So instead of the cereal snack that I would be munching on right now, I have Teddy Grahams, the second best food ever. At least it's something, right?
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The sweet smell of freedom

Yes, the furniture people called and after a stop in Libertyville, they are coming here. I might get out within the hour. This calls for the Snoopy dance.

Also (because I'm online) the guy had to call my sister on her cell, so she gave them directions. One more load off my mind. I have this thing, not really sure what it is, I call it phone-a-phobia. Explain it to people as a fear of confrontation. I detest calling people, unless I really know them, and I hate even more having to have conversations with people I don't know well. It's extremely nerve wracking, and occasionally gets to the point of a mild panic attack. It's bad. This is why I have still not called Jordan, or the Bank. And, I probably won't end up calling either. I'll go into the bank someday with my sister (maybe Saturday), and I'll get directions to the concert from my dad. Problem solved.

Amanda just called me on my cell. She's visiting her Grandma in Galena (sp?) and was wondering when we would be leaving for the concert. I told her around 3:30. I thought mommy would be off work at noon on friday. They stopped doing that. Plus, she's in California until Saturday night. Though my dad was off work at 9:30am today, he usually works until 3pm, but his schedule is never set in stone. My thoughts, what if it comes time to leave for the concert and no one is home to watch Zoe? I'm pretty sure Fayanne gets off work at 3 on Fridays, so I'm hoping she can watch Zoe until my dad gets home, or until Chris gets off work at 5. Thank god for big families. If all else fails, I'll try to get Emily or Dave, or maybe Katie (Dave's girlfriend) who works out of her apartment.

No matter what happens, I AM GOING TO THIS CONCERT!! When they were touring with Lifehouse and Everclear, tickets here sold out in 20 minutes and I wasn't able to get them. I was so upset. I love Matchbox Twenty so much. I love their music, I love their band, I love Rob Thomas. They are so great.

"I'm not saying there wasn't nothing wrong, I just didn't think you'd ever get tired of me. And I'm not saying we ever had the right to hold on, I just didn't wanna let it all get away from me." - Leave; Mad Season
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It's Here!!

The curio cabinet got dropped off, so I could leave now...but Zoe finally fell asleep. Isn't that just like kids?? Ah, well, I'm sure I'll find something to do, other than impair people from calling my sister's apartment. Ha ha ha!

I'll probably just sit on the couch and listen to music...mmm, 5 disc CD player with shuffle!
*Mad Season - Matchbox Twenty
*Fortress - Sister Hazel
*This Better Life - 3 Doors Down
*No Name Face - Lifehouse
*Maroon - Barenaked Ladies

My favorite CDs by my favorite artists. I know what you are thinking, and I don't know where NSYNC fits in. It's just not human.

"So you call this, your free country, tell me why it costs so much to live." - Duck and Run; This Better Life
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