July 31st, 2001


So much happiness!

Got upgraded to a Paid Account today!! I now have access to everything at all times, no more back ups or error messages. Those were getting really old. I suggest to y'all that if the new servers continue to get overloaded, spring the $25 for a year of good service.

Along with my paid account (which I have thanks to my awesome sister cicigreen..."We named the dog Indiana"...), I get my 10 icons. I've already changed some of them, including my default JC....he looks so sexy green. I also have a BBMak icon and a Jay and Silent Bob icon. It's the coolest.

I'm really tired, cus it's getting late, but Jenny and Elliott just left. They called my house at 9:45 and suggestively said "you have a dvd player, right?". Though I could have said, "so do you", I said yes and offered to let them come over. We watched The Road to El Dorado, which Elliott brought and then my video copy of Anastasia. During the latter, I burned Elliott a copy of Everclear's So Much For the Afterglow album, and Jenny The Wallflower's Bringing Down the Horse album.

After Anastasia, we watched the Scooby Doo with Batman on Cartoon Network and made fun of it the entire time. It's a pretty f*ed up show in general. I enjoy it, but Freddie and Daphne are also going off alone, and never finding clues. Makes you wonder what they are doing. And Shaggy and Scooby are always hungry. They chronically have the munchies. Sounds like someones been smoking up in the Mystery Machine. and Velma just has some strange obsession with Scooby and always volunteers to go with the dog.

The great part about watching Cartoon Network at 2am is that they have funnier jokes between the shows. "Did ya ever notice how the greatest crime fighting teams had dogs? Johnny Quest and (whatever his dog is), The Clue Club and (that dog, I didn't catch the name), Superman and Lois." I just about died!! I couldn't believe they would say something like that. So terribly funny.

BIG NEWS OF THE NIGHT: My sister, Fayanne, got a new car tonight, which means that I officially have my very own car. Granted it's kinda old (a '94, I think), kinda ugly (color: teal), and doesn't run as good as it probably never did....it's still all mine. No more asking parents if I can borrow a car. Like hell I have to ask. Plus, I get to decorate it anyway I want. If I get an NSYNC glowstick from the upcoming concert, I can hang it from my rear-view mirror, because I will have my own rear-view mirror. It's such a nice feeling. Another inch towards total independence. *sighs*
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My Journal

I was checking out my profile, and it says that I have a Paid Account, paid up to 7-30-2003. My sister only bought a year, and it says I have two...any ideas of why this is? Was I visited by a Live Journal fairy, or did they just make a mistake....hmmm, so confused.

LJ Fairy

Apparently it was just an error in the journal's computer system, because I am now listed as having only a year of paid access. I'm not disappointed, but I like the thought of having a LJ Fairy going around to people, and liked the feeling that I was special. Either way, it was cool for a while, and I still have my paid account thanks to my absolutely wonderful sister.
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Backwards day!!

It is my self-proclaimed Backwards Day! Sound like something you did in third grade when you would try to walk backwards or try to talk in sentences were you rearranged the words, and fail miserably. Well, it's sort of like that. Mostly though, it's just because I'm eating dessert before lunch. M&M's cookie ice cream sandwich. Soooo good. If you every stopped by them in the frozen foods section of your local supermarket and thought, "hey those look good, but it they aren't, I don't want the remaining 3 to sit in my freezer until they are freezer burned and gross, and don't get cleaned out until next year's spring cleaning"...don't worry about it, they are yummy. And if you are thinking that your thought patterns are not as complicated as that, then you are not me. Yes, I am insane (for more than just the NSYNC thing too). But I like who I am, so it's not a problem. Tee hee hee!

Well, I really should eat an actual lunch, and not just ice cream. I am off to the kitchen. (and if you don't hear from me in a while, I probably fell down the stairs I am going to climb backwards. Bye good. Now for ta ta. Tootles. (okay, so you can't really do that unless you say seltoot, but who does that?)

[Side note: I realize Up Against the Wall was the song I was listening to last entry, but the cd is on repeat and it just so happens that it's about 45 minutes after my last entry.]
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Welcome to Tuesdays

Well, my previous entries sort of sucked, and I'm not even entertaining myself with them. Thus, I am making a new entry. I can't guarantee it will be good, but hopefully it will.

Been working for the past hour on making HTML work. I can make things bold, in italics, underlined, small, superscript, subscript, and god only knows what else. However, I can't figure out how to put in a link. If anyone knows, I'd be extremely interested in learning. Although I am impressed that I taught myself how to do the rest (with about 1% help from Jeeves...he's an amazing guy).

Exciting news on two fronts (both school related, *yuck*). First, I got an e-mail for STUNTS Board. We are planning our next meetings. It's so exciting because the production it ours. If it sucks, it's our fault. If it's the best ever, we get total credit. I can't wait. STUNTS is our student written, directed, produced, performed, put together....everything. It's a theatre variety show, where people can audition comedy sketches, dances, bands, videos, just about anything, as long as it fits the theme. This years theme is Music. Title: STUNTS Goes Platinum. It's so great. Second piece of news, Nikki and I, along with one other girl, will be reponcible for planning activities for Saturday crew this year. To try and boost Saturday participation last year, after working from 9 to noon, we would get lunch and go do some activity. This year, it's from 9 to 2, and Nik and I have to decide the lunches every week and what to do after. Activity possibilities: Movie at a theatre, renting a movie and watching it in the auditorium (so cool), sports in the gym, mini golf somewhere, I don't know...a bunch of stuff. I'm excited, it should be cool.

Check list of stuff to do today:
*Call Jordan about caravaning to Matchbox Twenty concert (3 Days!!!)
*Call bank about checking account/savings account, whatever I can get with an ATM card and no parent necessary
*Make a list of stuff I'll need for my new-old car (flashlight, emergency batteries, blanket, maps, etc...)
*Win NSYNC N the Sand contest
*Beat head against wall when I don't
*Damn, so many busy signals...stupid busy signals...just let me win something ONCE in my life. Growl.

Well, I should get started on that list. I'll be back later, I guarantee it.
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In the past 6 days, I've written 24 entries, and most of them were not one or two liners. I really should stop. I gotta get me a hobby besides reading peoples journals. Hobbies are easier if you have money. Money I lack severely. Though I currently shouldn't.

Not interesting in hearing a vent by a teenaged North Shore girl who probably doesn't know how good she has it? Turn away now. Keep scrolling, you won't be interested.

Money, the root of all evil? To quote Everclear: "Whoever says money is the root of all that kills, they have never been poor, they have never felt the joy of a welfare Christmas." I have never experienced this either, but I know that money (though it can't bring total happiness) can make life significantly better. My grandmother, who passed away over a year ago (my sister speaks rather eloquently about her in a journal she wrote today...I never knew her before the stroke and have been told I missed out on knowing one of the greatest women ever. I really wish I could've known her). This is besides the point. Recently, her estate sold, and my parents received a third of the total (which was significant considering the land was over an acre and a half, and located in Lake Forest, very ritzy). To my oldest sister, Chris, they gave a considerable amount of money. My brother, Dave, received the same amount, as did my second oldest sister, Emily. Her wedding will also be paid for with this money (I know playing the "wedding card" is low, but just wait.) Fayanne, the next child, received a car (or at least a down payment and all monthly payments until she graduates college, gets a job and can pay for it herself). To me, I got nothing. My mother's reasoning, she's paying for the rest of Fayanne's old car which is now mine (total value: about $2500). She also said that it was because she would be paying for my college education. She paid for Fayanne's too, and it didn't get deducted from her new car. Basically, I got royally screwed over. Emily mentioned to my mother that it wasn't fair and I should get something, and Chris said that if I didn't receive any money, she would give me part of hers. I love my sisters so much!

Sorry, but that's been locked up inside since last night, and though I locked myself in my room and cried about it twice, I needed to get it written down, and this was the best outlet I have right now. I feel so guilty, like I shouldn't get this upset over it, but it hurts that I get nothing. I just don't understand what my mom was thinking. *wipe tears from eyes*
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