July 22nd, 2001


Ya gotta love spontaneity....

I was awoken this morning by a phone call from my sister's boyfriend at about 11:15. Deciding to get up, I immediately called Allie, telling her mom to wake her up so she could go to breakfast with me. I told her I'd pick her up at noon, so I dashed into the shower (had to wash my hair twice because last night at 10:30, I went swimming at my friend Bridgette's pool.) My hair was so knotted and gross it needed two scrub-downs. I quickly dressed and drove off to pick up Allie. We decided to go to Walker Bros., cus they have the best breakfast ever. The line was long (duh, it was noon on a Sunday, everyone goes out for brunch on a Sunday). We finally got seated and ordered, and who walks in and is seated at a table near us, but Jenny and Elliott. They decided to join us, to the four of us had a nice late breakfast. After, I drove Allie home and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wanted to visit Caitlin, and Jenny and Elliott had mentioned stopping by there. While I waited for Caitlin to go on her lunch break, I wandered around the store (found a really cute photo album that I think has to be used for my NSYNC pictures, but I'd need to by three of them (they only hold 200 photos each)). I saw Jenny and Elliott and talked with them a bit before joining Caitlin in her car while she ate her lunch at 2:30.

After that, I decided I needed to go to Target, so I started to drive over there. On the way, I stopped by Borders to see if they had the Guster CD that I've been looking for, and the issue of Teen Vogue with NSYNC on it. They didn't have either, so I continued to Target. I bought more shampoo (cus I ran out), a light bulb (cus mommy doesn't like that I used a 100 watt bulb in a 60 watt lamp...now it's a 75 watt bulb). I checked for Guster, but none (I didn't expect Target would carry any). I also picked up a roll of black and white film I dropped off at the beginning of June. After Target, I went to Barnes and Noble. They actually had the Guster CD (happiness!!), but no Teen Vogue with NSYNC on it. Then, I came home.

Determined to find the Teen Vogue (which at this point, I had decided was last months issue because both Barnes & Noble and Borders had Teen Vogue, but with not NSYNC on the cover), I searched bn.com, borders.com and amazon.com. Nothing. Then I went to ebay, and found one listed as having NSYNC. Checking it out, I discover that the cover is the same as those I had seen at the bookstores, and that the description noted a 6 page article on NSYNC inside. I feel incredibly stupid for not realizing this before. I'm still not totally sure this is what I was supposed to be looking for, but I'll ask my sister when she gets home.


Last Night (since I don't think I wrote about it): After talking to Caitlin for 40 minutes, Allie called a while later (around 10). We spoke for a while, trying to catch up on 3 weeks on news, when all of a sudden, my cell phone rings. I'm so confused because I'm on the phone in my room, yet my cell was going off. I pick it up and it's JC, saying everyone was going to Bridgette's to swim. I continue talking to Allie for a bit, while gathering clothes and stuff for swimming. I drive over to Bridgette's (leaving a sleeping Zoe under Fayanne's care.) When I arrive, they are watching My Best Friend's Wedding. Then Elliott starts to play Nintendo...not N64, not Super Nintendo, actual Nintendo. They play Paperboy and Super Mario Bros., then we decide to actually swim, at about 11. The pool was nice and warm and we had fun in there for about two hours, then we got out, changed and played some Super Smash. At 1:30, the three of us that were left, decided to go home. I was really tired, so I was glad when we left. I got home, and crashed almost immediately.

Now, I'm sitting in my room in the basement, wondering if my parents and Chris will come home early since it's raining pretty hard. I love rain, and will probably go upstairs soon, so I can listen to it. I'm pretty tired too. Angry that I missed Road to Celebrity again today, and hoping I can remember that it will be on tomorrow at noon-thirty. Or, I can just go to Chris's apartment and watch her tape of it. I also have to steal her Fuel CD and two Blink 182, so I can burn myself copies (Caitlin also wants the Fuel one). Perhaps I'll bop on over there, and offer to pick up dinner on the way home. Either way, I'm stopping now. Tootles!!

:::My Music:::
*The last three songs on the Guster CD that played in my sterio before I turned on my mp3 player.
*My Head to My Heart - Evan & Jaron
*Rhythm of the Night - Moulin Rouge version
*House of the Rising Sun - The Doors
*Slide (acoustic) - Goo Goo Dolls
*S.O.S. - Mamma Mia! the Musical
*Either Way - Guster
*Two Points for Honesty - Guster (it's on shuffle, I swear)
*Duck and Run - 3 Doors Down (my current favorite song..."So you call this your free country, tell me why it costs so much to live")
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