July 20th, 2001


Update in the life of Me

Today (Thursday despite the journal's heading of Friday) went surprisingly well. I was woken at 10:15 so I could shower before being taken to Chris's apartment, when I was dropped off to watch Zoe. This also made a car available to me (sweet!). Zoe and I hung out at the pool for about an hour and a half. We swam for a bit, then I got out to get a tan, and a little boy Domick came, so they played while I got sufficiently burned. It hurts a little now, but I have color, which is fantastic. After the pool, we had a late lunch, and I got to play Pretty Pretty Princess. You're jealous and you know it. When I put Zoe down for her nap, I started to read Mists of Avalon (actually, continue to read. Now I'm all the way to chapter 3 *sarcasm*). I was just getting to the end of the chapter when Lewis called my cell phone. He wanted to know if he could burn a copy of a CD at my house, cus his burner broke. I said I could be home in about 20 minutes, and for him to come at 3:30. I took Zoe, who hadn't fallen asleep yet, to our house and let her nap there. Lewis burned his CD, and we decided to invite Candace over. She came and the three of us hung around for a while. At about quarter to 7, I asked Fayanne if she would watch Zoe so I could go see the Summer Theatre production of The Night of January 16. (She was doing laundry in pajama-ish clothes, so I figured she wouldn't be going out anyways.) She said yes, *yeah!*, and we went to school. The play was really good. I got to be one of the audience jury members, who decide the ending depending on whether we vote guilty or not guilty. I was all for the not-guilty, and we were actually 6 to 6 when we were taken out of the room for deliberation. The foreman was allowed to pick when it was like that, so she just said guilty, though she had originally voted for not. Either way, it was a very good play and was acted out very well.

After, we decided to go to dinner, cus it was 10 and we hadn't eaten yet. We went to Chili's, though the entire cast went to Applebee's. After our dinner, we went to Applebee's to visit the people that were still there. Then Chris called, probably from her apartment parking lot, and asked where I was. I hadn't forgotten my duty to Zoe, but I had forgot that we started the day at the apartment and probably should have ended the day there. Sometimes I can be so absent minded. Unfortunately, it's hereditary, so there's nothing I can do about it, and my future children are doomed. I also had the keys to Chris's car and apartment. Between Applebee's and Elliott's house, I dropped the keys off at home, so Chris could pick them up. At Elliott's we watched a couple episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Some of the skits were funny, others inappropriate, and most extremely 1970s-British. I got home about 1:30.

Tomorrow, Zoe and I will probably be going out to lunch at Ed Debevic's, because a bunch of my friends will be. We are meeting at noon-fifteen. That's right. Not 12:15, or twelve fifteen; noon-fifteen. We are insane like that. I think I'm driving Candace. I better call her around 11:30 to make sure she wakes up. She's the ultimate slack. More so than Chris, who plays Poppit for hours at work, or me that sleeps half the day away (which I make up for with a "night life")...no, Candace does nothing. No job. Not even a fake job like, "Oh, I file things at my mom's office". Nope, she does nothing. Elliott does that same thing. Everyday, sitting around, doing nothing. However, Elliott's starting work again on Monday. He worked at Starbuck's and decided to quit when he graduated because he figured in the summer after senior year, he'd have more important things to do, like hang out with people. He's resuming his Starbuck's position because he's tired of playing Tony Hawk all day, and most people have jobs. It's almost sad.

Oh well, I should go but on some aloe, so my sunburn is not so hurty. Hmmmm, that could have been phrased better. Whatever, it's past my bedtime, so I shall brush teeth and sleep until mommy wakes me up tomorrow. (Not quite sure when that will be. Probably around 10 or 10:30.)

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