July 16th, 2001


Monday Again...I wish it were Sunday...Just another Manic Monday

Too young to be quoting the Bangles? Probably, but I remember Pocket Rockers as well as the next guy, and we had that with Walk Like an Egyptian, and some other tape thing. I forget now, because I was young then.

Anywho, my weekend was great...far too short. I already told about my Friday night, and Saturday, so I shall let you in on Sunday. Candace, JC and I went to go see Legally Blond. Unfortunately, it wasn't playing at Showplace, so I actually had to pay $6. It was funny, but not worth $6. At least we didn't see a 9-dollar evening show. After, Candace decided she wanted a strawberry shake, so her and I drove up to Gurnee Mills and hit Stake 'n Shake. I got chocolate, because it's the best, and we had a good time. We left and I got home around 5:45. With no other plans for the evening, I decided to avoid parents by chilling with Chris at her apartment. We watched Mists of Avalon on TNT, or at least the first part. The conclusion is on tonight. Depending on if we have a group outing or not, I might go over there again. I could go to Caitlin's, but she would kill me if I spoke one word when it was on. She would also complain about how inaccurate it was. She loves Arthurian times and all that jazz. I think I'd rather go out than watch a TV movie though. I'll have to call Candace, our official planner of everything.

Today has been pretty dull so far. Zoe and I watched the Tigger Movie and half of 102 Dalmatians. She wanted to go outside, so we did, and she started to get crabby and wild, so I told her it was nap time and now she's laying down. I took a really long shower though...it felt soooo good.

I feel so bad. At about 1 this afternoon, the phone rang with the FIFTH out-of-area call today. I was tired of getting stupid phone reps mispronouncing names and trying to give me a VISA card. Right...give a credit card to a 16 year old with an annual income of about $1200, all paid from my mom for babysitting. If I had a credit card, I would get myself into so much trouble. Anyway, I decided not to answer the call and let voice mail take it. When I checked the v-mail later, it was my friend Carly calling from camp in Michigan. She goes to Interlochen and is there for 8 weeks. When she gets overly bored, she placing calling card calls to us back here and talks for about an hour before going back to whatever they do at a music/theatre/arts camp. I feel so horrible that I didn't take the call.

You know that theory where 3 monkeys typing into infinity will eventually give you Hamlet? Well, I've adapted this to Live Journal. I figure, if I write long enough, I will eventually get to something good, or interesting, or some ingenious thought that will go down in history. Either that or I will at least waste some time and the day will pass faster. Not that I'd want it to. I love summer. I love being bored. I love being social. I love sun. I love rain. I love anything that doesn't have to do with waking up early to go to classes that I dislike and learn things that I don't care about from teachers that could care less whether I am learning or not, they just want their paycheck at the end of the week. I especially don't want to go back to the grades and tests and reports and essays. Yuck. I enjoy some parts of school. I love english, so I'm hoping I get another good class (two years in a row is good, almost too good. I'm doomed, I can tell). I wish I didn't have to take math or science. I get all A's in math, and apparently my Chem teacher said I had a natural knack at chemistry, but I really detested that class every minute I was in it. I'm dreading physics, because I heard it's really hard, and if I can't manage to get an A in chem or bio, I doubt I'll get on in physics. I'm also taking it level 1 (smart people class) because apparently I'm smart, and this way I only have an early bird class 2 days a week instead of 5. Amanda and I both are taking it just so we won't have to wake up early everyday. SUCH a bad reason. We figure if we start to fail the class, we'll drop levels together. Thats what we did freshman year. We were in level one Trig (two years ahead of standard math) and we were both getting a high D/low C. This wasn't good for either of us, so we dropped to level 2, got in the same class (the only two freshman there) and starting averaging about a 95. I don't think it's right that weighted grade for level 1 are one grade above what you get - so that if you get a B in a level one, it's worth an A in level 2. But level 2 classes are about 50 times easier than level 1. same goes for sciences. If I dropped to level 2 last year, I would have gotten an easy A all year. Instead, I had to work for my B. It so doesn't make sense.

Ewww. School isn't for another month and a half. I really have to stop. Enjoy my summer while it's here. Before I go back to the stressful hustle and bustle. I don't mind most of the classes, I really don't, but I hate homework. If I didn't have to do homework, I would love school. I wouldn't mind wasting between 9, 11 or 14 hours there (depending on if I go straight home, go to stage crew, or if it's tech for a show.)

14 hours at school...a lot I know, but I love the theatre and shows and stuff. I'm so excited this year to be Assistant Directing the Fall Play, The Heidi Chronicles. I'm also stage managing it, because I'll know it better than anyone else and so I will get the experience. I also applied for STUNTS Board, in which I am Stage Manager. I am second highest on the hierarchy. Pretty damn cool, huh? I'm totally psyched!

I should really go do something useful with my life though, so I'll check back later. Tootles!!

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