July 12th, 2001


Thursday will hurt...I can tell

So today I'm talking to Nikki online and she mentions going to work out in the PERC at school with Eric and Jordy. I got an email about it and really wanted to go, but it was from 4 to 5, and I had to babysit. Since my father was home, I decided to stretch the truth and at 3:45, told him I was getting picked up for Dance Class. He didn't question it, and technically, I did go to Dance, I just went to work out first. I did a lot (and I mean a lot) of arm work. I decided it was most important because the wedding is a month and a half away, and with a spaghetti strap dress, I'd like to have semi-buff arms. I have my priorities in order. After working out for an hour, we had time before having to go to dance, so we went to the auditorium and I got to see how the new sound booth and the set for summer theatre was going. It looks pretty cool...I can't wait to see the shows. I wish I had more time to devote to summer crew, but I really don't.

Nikki and I left (late) for dance, and again, arrived after class started. It's okay, because three more people came after us. Besides, we had stretched earlier. So we did the same basic warm up and skills we usually do. Learned a couple new steps, but nothing too in-depth. Then we worked on the routine some more, and added to it. Nothing overly difficult, though I got a bit confused on the last part. Oh well. Next week, Nikki can't make it, but I don't know if I'll have a car available to take myself. It was a pretty sweet deal that I wouldn't have to drive at all. But she has tech for the summer shows, because she's actually enrolled in summer theatre.

Well, that was hour two hours of intense muscle usage. After, we went to Candace's before going to dinner at Barnaby's. Before which, Lewis and I had a semi-huge fight. Nothing big, but there was yelling after I said I didn't want to go somewhere called Artie's. The same thing happened when we were at Caitlin's and I decided to put in Pretty Woman, which he objected to. He apologized on the way out of Candace's, which basically made it better, because I think he sincerely realized he was not being very nice.

Dinner was good, and after, we went to Lindsay's to play pool and watch a DVD...my new Dogma Special Edition. However, her family was using the TV and DVD to watch Rear Window. We stuck to playing pool, and when curfew people had to leave, Jenny (yea! she's back from Europe. Bridgette was also at Lindsay's and I've only seen her once since she's been back from Greece.)Anyway, Jenny, Lewis and I went to Lewis's new house (sub-zero...soooo cold), and watched Empire Records. Lewis said he'd wait to watch Dogma when we could see it all. At 1, we had to go home.

So shopping yesterday was fun. I spent $105, less that I could have since Best Buy didn't have the Guster CD I wanted, nor did they have 3 Doors Down, but I did get the Dogma SE DVD, Almost Famous, Chasing Amy, Empire Records, and Almost Famous Soundtrack. It's fun. I love DVDs and am extremely proud of my small, but quality and diverse collection. Everything from Disney to romantic comedy, to action, to Kevin Smith, to musical, to Monty Python. Kinda like my crazy diverse music. I mean, honestly...check some of my playlists below and in previous entries. NSYNC and Samantha Mumba with Natalie Merchant and Dave Matthews and Queen and Aerosmith and ABBA. I'm just crazy, that's all.

Latest NSYNC news...(you'll know if you check my sister's LJ also - she's in my friends category). I found some good downloads from the Celebrity album, and some more live concert ones. I'd have to say the best is FULL versions of Gone and Celebrity without screaming in the background and good quality recording. Also, the 1:27 clip of Two of Us makes me glow. I love this song so much. It's so good.

Thursday's are good days. I can take Zoe outside and lay out in the sun like I did today (I actually got a little tanner.) It's good because I'm out at like noon, so I have peak radiation from the sun, resulting in the most skin cancer susceptibility, but also, the quickest and greatest tan. So good. I always look so pasty, and I hate it. I just have to try and avoid tank top tan lines, because they might not look good with bridesmaid dress. That would suck a lot. Then, you know, if I sit outside for a while, my arms can't bother me too much, and then I can come in while Zoe naps and watch Chasing Amy. I still haven't seen it, and I really enjoyed Mallrats and Dogma. I need to see Clerks too. I can't wait for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back to come out in August. I'll be there on opening weekend. Kevin Smith is so amazing funny. Watching the DVD extras is funny too. There were some intros for Deleted Scenes, and Kevin was blaming them not making it into the movie because of the actors sucking, and such. He made fun of Ben Affeck a lot, which was kinda sad cus I love Ben, but funny because you know he can only say stuff like that because they are friends. And I must say, Kevin's baby girl is the cutest ever...she's in it a bunch too.

I should probably get some sleep, but then again, to quote Barenaked Ladies "Who needs sleep? Man, I'm never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me, what's that for? Who needs sleep? There's a man been awake since the second world war."

That was random, I know, but not quite so random as this...a list of bands with numbers in their name:
+Matchbox Twenty
+3 Doors Down
+Nine Days
+Blink 182
+Third Eye Blind
+Counting Crows (it's a stretch, but you can't count without numbers)
+Eve 6
+Five for Fighting
+Blues Traveler had an album called Four
+Garth Brooks had an album called Sevens
+(Okay, so these were definitely a stretch...If you think of any more I may have over looked, feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for your help, I won't stop until I get a good list going!!)

(Side Note: My pajama's smell like Jell-o for no particular reason. I haven't eaten Jell-o in over a year, and I know for a fact that they have been washed several times since then. No one has eaten Jell-o by my pajama's, cus they stay on my pillow, and most people don't come to my room to eat Jell-o by my pajamas so they can make them smell. I can't tell if it's lime or cherry, but it's good, whatever it is. I think my mind has a few loose connections. Oh well, I rather like being insane and quarky.)

:::My Music:::
*Leaving Town - Dexter Freebish
*Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band
*Rexall - Dave Navarro
*Falls Apart - Sugar Ray
*Come on Over - Samantha Mumba
*Wonder - Natalie Merchant
*September - BBMak (very good song, not sure where it's from, not on CD, but download it if you have the means.)
*Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia the Musical Cast
*The Better Life - 3 Doors Down
*If I Am - Nine Days
*December - Collective Soul
*Long December - Counting Crows [how weird - two December songs, and it's on shuffle, I swear]
*I Reserve the Right - Stillwater [yeah Almost Famous]
*Tiny Dancer - Elton John [my favorite song at the current time]

More words Live Journal should know: playlists, Aerosmith, NSYNC, BBMak, Mallrats, theatre, online, DVD, DVDs and okay (especially since "okay" is an option on moods...VERY ANNOYING!!!)
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Just Wondering...

Why is it that on the top of my page, I have a [Previous 20] link, and some people have a [Previous 25] link? Is it because my entries are usually really long? If anyone knows, I'd be interested in knowing too.

Also: I actually want to make a long list of bands with numbers in their names, so either reply with an e-mail or a comment. Thanks!!
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Most of my friends were busy tonight, and I was going to rent a movie and watch it with Lewis, but then Fayanne said we should go shoe shopping. We ended up not shoe shopping at all, and instead had dinner with the parents (and we all know what a big fan of them I am right now). Grrr...oh well.

When we got back from dinner, I decided to delete some of the mp3s I have and don't like. I've gotten into a bad habit of downloading about 15 songs from whatever artist I'm looking up. Most songs are good, but I decided to weed out those few that don't deserve to be in my collection. I narrowed the number of files on my computer to 386, and deleted 58! It may not seem like a lot, but it is.

Now I'm just bored though. I guess I could go to bed. I was kinda tired today, so I should get more sleep. Tomorrow is mommy's office golf outing, so she, Chris and my dad will all be gone until about noon on Saturday. That leave me with Zoe tomorrow night, yuck. Perhaps I will invite a few people over, so I'm not bored out of my mind (again)...Hmmm, party at my house!!

Anywho...I need sleep. Night Night!

(By the way, my legs and arms absolutely ache from working out yesterday. I keep trying to stretch them to make them not so tight, but they still hurt a bit. Oh well, I'll sleep it off.)
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