July 7th, 2001



Is it bad to fear your father? Less fear, more of an intense dislike of any contact with him ever. Tonight when I got home, I went straight down to my room and took my leftovers from dinner to the downstairs fridge. I was also planning on brushing my teeth downstairs to ensure I wouldn't have to see him, and if I didn't have to pee so bad, I would not have gone upstairs at all. Thank god he was sleeping, so it was no big deal.

Why this all-to-sudden hatred? I think it started 4 days ago when he called my sister and I stupid for going to Arkansas and saying something like we weren't thinking at all. I tried not to let it get to me. Then he put an end to "Midnight Smash". That was on Tuesday. Tonight (Friday) while I was on the phone with Candace, planning the evening, he said something like I was only allowed to go out two nights a week and had to be home by curfew. Like Hell I will. I stayed out until two tonight, and had fun doing it. It's not like I'm a problem child. I don't do drugs or drink. I hang out with my friends and watch movies most of the time. No artificial stimulants of any kind (besides soda with caffeine). Tonight, all we did was go out to Olive Garden for dinner, followed by Ben & Jerry's for ice cream, and hung out at Blockbuster for 2 hours. Everyone left by midnight, so when Lewis got off work, he and I went down to Jack's. Jack's is an old restaurant on Touhy (sp?) that's open 24 hours. Basically, the only people that eat there are really old or teenagers looking for a spot that's open late that isn't Denny's. It wasn't overly cool, and I was told the food wasn't the greatest (I only had fruit, since I had already eaten) but still, it was open late.

Well, that was the extent of my evening...sorry if the entry was another downer, I've been having quite a few of those lately thanks to my parents. Hopefully, I can avoid them as much as possible and we will all be the happier for it (or at least I will).

Good night!
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