July 4th, 2001



Yeah, so my plan to come home and sleep at midnight didn't work. After fireworks, we went to Candace's and watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights (I picked it...hee hee hee). When that was over, the people who needed to be home at midnight left, but I stayed. Basically, I was avoiding my house. I also avoided my family when I saw them at fireworks. I feel like this whole NSYNC thing is a mistake because my mother definitely does not approve, and my father has been rather vocal about his disapproval of it. Damn them both though. I'm young, I'm impulsive and I will have fun with or without their support. They shouldn't be able to make me feel bad about something that I was so excited for. It totally put a dark cloud over the whole experience. Whatever, screw them.

After the movie, we played more Smash Bros. And that's another thing. My father, in his rant about how stupid we were being for going to Arkansas, yelled at me for having people over at midnight to play video games. No more "Midnight Smash Club". He would have been shittin' kittens if he knew it was just me and two guys, one of who is over 18.

We finally left Candace's at 2. I put on my pj's and got ready for bed, but I don't think I'll sleep. Maybe I'll nap with music and my little lamp on, but I have little more than an hour before I'd have to get up. Totally not worth it. I would have been home early if it weren't for my parents. Ever realize how they have a special talent for making you feel like shit?

I should go though. At least get a little relaxation before our big trip. To roughly quote Ferris Bueller "[Cameron] is wound so tight you could stick a piece of coal up his ass and in two months, you'd have a diamond." (sorry for the depressing entry, but I'm not in a very good mood, and I should be. Fuck.)

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*Shut Up and Drive - Chely Wright
*Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk
*Patience - Guns N Roses
*Must've Been Love - Roxette (from Pretty Woman)
*Put Your Arms Around Me - Texas (from Ever After)
*Be Like That - 3 Doors Down

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