July 3rd, 2001


Yippy! The 3rd of July!!!

For most normal people out there, the 3rd of July means nothing to you except that longing for the day to be over so you can get the day off tomorrow. Thus is the case in most towns and cities across the United States. Except, of course, mine. For whatever reason, Deerfield decided to be different. Today, although work and camp and business are still going strong, we have our annual fireworks tonight. I'm going to be going with a bunch of friends (basically the same ones I've been seeing for the past month, so it'll be fun.) We meet at Candace's between 5:30-6, eventually go to the high school, see fireworks, then come back to Candace's. Actual times and plans, I don't really know...but I'm guessing no one else knows either.

Last night, after taking the bridal shower invitations to kinkos ($1 for one color copy, what a rip-off) and eating dinner with ma famille, I went over to Lindsay's house. We started by planning cards, because we were banished from pool for the night (:o( Lindsay said we are to anti-social when we do that, but we sooooo aren't. Whatever though). I was so in the mood to watch an action flick, that I brought my own from home (I had The World is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, Murder at 1600, Lethal Weapon 4, and Thomas Crown Affair.) We didn't watch any of them. During dinner (or rather the portion of the evening that the 3 people who hadn't already ate were eating dinner), we were arguing between Men in Black and Independence Day. We didn't watch either of these. We didn't actually know what we were watching until Lindsay put in the tape and we got to the preview for the soundtrack. It was Now and Then, by far the most phenomenal chick flick ever. There might not be a very good plot (not at all, actually), but the subplots and details are so good. I cried a record 5 times during it. For one of them, I was about to get up and leave (go to the bathroom, or get a kleenex or something), but Lewis was laying against me, so I stayed put with tears streaming down my face. I may have cried longer at Pearl Harbor (and NOT for the love story part, I cried at the war scene), however I didn't cry as frequently.

After the movie, Charlie and Lewis again came back to my house to play Super Smash. Lewis decided it's going to be The Midnight Smash Club. Basically just means he'll be over every night until the end of August when he goes away to college. Oh well, as long as we aren't too loud, I don't think anyone will mind.

Well, I'm going off to take a shower, and get dressed. I hope you all have fun tonight and tomorrow, and be safe. Bye bye y'all!
(nope, I'm not southern, never have been, never will be, I just think it's a good word to use. Y'all should.)
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I can't believe it!!!

OH MY GOD!!! I'm bouncing off the freakin' walls, I am so excited! Why? An hour ago, I was scoping out Ticketmaster, checking up on my boys from NSYNC. I see that they are in Arkansas tomorrow. That'd be a pretty awesome 4th of July show. I remember my friend Jessie, who got her tickets two days before the show in Chicago and was 25 rows from the stage on the floor. I think to myself, "eh, no harm in looking". Next thing I know, Ticketmaster is telling me I can get seats in row 21, in floor section C, right in the middle by the walkway to the middle stage. Having seen the show before, I realize that they often use this walkway, and my sister reminds me of Justin during Gone...I melt (and I don't even like Justin as much as JC). So my sister and I decide to be impulsive. We spend $156.05 on the tickets. I printed out a bunch of maps from here to Little Rock (yes, an 11 and a half hour drive). I've been trying to contact some of my friends to watch Zoe, because we won't be home Thursday until about 11:30.

Honestly, it's not that much money, and the 12 hours in the car there, followed by 5 hours of concert and 12 more hours of driving might be a little tough, but hell, it's SOOOO worth it. I'm mega excited. We were actually planning on this for when they go to Indiana (that's only a 3 and a half hour drive), but hey, that's not until the middle of August. We are so crazy. I'm too excited to be annoyed with myself and my teenie-ish fantasies. Well, I'll tell you how it goes later. Bye Bye Bye!!!!

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