June 28th, 2001


I Must Be Loosing It

I went almost an entire day without writing a journal entry. How insane? Technically, I had no entry on Wednesday, but then again, I haven't slept yet, so the day isn't really over...I guess. Bah, whatever.

Tonight I had dance class number 2. So much fun. We didn't learn too much new stuff. A few new steps and a little more of our routine, but nothing big. Either way, the time flew by. All of a sudden, Caroline (our instructor) said, "Oh, and I wanted to get to leaps today," so we stayed 5 extra minutes and then left. It was okay because Nikki and I had come 5 minutes late. Nik had to get off work at 5, then fight rush hour traffic to my house, then back to Highland Park for the class. Finding a parking spot in Highland Park sucks so much. We finally get one, and practically dash into the building and up the long, steep flight of stairs, ditched the shoes and purses and rush into the studio at the very end of attendance. Oops. Nikki said she's asking to get off work early on our next Wednesday class.

After, I went to hang out at Candace's. They had bought ice cream before I got there, and bought me a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (my fav...I have the best friends). We ate it, then played Super Smash Bros. until her family went to bed so we could steal the big TV and watch Snatch. I must say, it was better than Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (which I fell asleep for an hour in the middle of), but I'm still not a fan of Guy Ritchie's films. Oh well, I kicked some serious ass at Smash Bros. The movie ended and we watched Sports Night, because it was on, then left to go home at 1. Mommy didn't want me staying out late, but for the past two days I was home by 10:30. I think I'm good for a while.

Tomorrow morning, I get to drop Mommy off at the train station so she can go downtown with my aunt Judy. Judy has to take some sort of typing test for a job transfer in Ameritech (where she's been working since before I can remember) and they are making her go downtown. Oh well, Mommy's ditching work to go with her and maybe visit the Taste [of Chicago] in Grant Park, plus, I get a car for the day, so there really aren't too many negatives. I think Zoe and I will be visiting some of my working friends (again). We might invite Candace to come with, so we aren't so bored.

It's so late, and I need some sleep. I'm sure I'll write more on Thursday, I wouldn't dare forget to write two days in a row. *grin* Goodnight all!!

Cus they never give enough room on the music line, here it is:
Currently playing: Daughter - Pearl Jam
Stuck in Head all day: Superman - Five for Fighting
Song I want stuck in head: I Drive Myself Crazy - NSYNC (hee hee hee)
CD I always listen to in the car: Sooner or Later - BBMak
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    See above please...Thank you - The Management :o)

So close to Friday....

I know, the weekends don't seem like as big of a deal when I get off work at 5 everyday and can go out every night...but still, it's the principle of the matter. Besides, curfew is an hour later, so people

Today, I'm going to be visiting my working friends with Candace and my niece Zoe (I mentioned this in yesterday's entry). It will take up time in the day, then *happy* I get to hang out with friends.

I really have nothing else to say, but I'm making the overall note that I object to the Current Music line because it's never big enough, I always have multiple songs in my head. Impossible, you say? Oh, it's not...trust me. Anywho, I always listen to mp3s while on the computer, so the "playing" list is the songs I head while typing. I honestly don't type slow, I just have a long list because I'm preoccupied (like mommy just called from downtown, I have to pick her up from the station at 1:30, but then she offered to take Zoe for the afternoon. YAH! Afternoon off!!! The day keeps getting better) and don't usually listen to the whole song. I skip around a lot, it annoys my friends when we are in the car. hee hee hee

::My Music::
Playing: Rock Show - Blink 182
*Iris (acoustic) - Goo Goo Dolls
*Afterschool Special - Blue Sky Roadster
*From My Head to My Heart - Evan & Jaron
*Unpredictable - BBMak
*I Wanna Be In Love - Melissa Etheridge
*One of Us - ABBA from the musical Mamma Mia!
Chronically in my CD player: Sooner or Later - BBMak
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    See above (from now on...I have too much music for one line)