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Yet another update on the exciting life of little Miss Gail Marie...

I took my Calculus final. sucked. Significantly worse than I had expected. Blargermuffins. Or whatever it was I said a couple days ago.

It actually was a little of what I expected. I mean, it was just like the format of his tests. But his tests are never in the same format as the book. So when he expects us to teach ourselves from the book...and I do..then I get screwed over because he presents the material differently.

Now I remember why I didn't like Geometry.

Afterwards, Nikki and I went to visit Eric for a bit, then went to dinner at Panera. We basically just sat and talked for an hour and a half. True, I should have come home to start my English essay crap that I somehow have to do before 12:20 tomorrow. And I have to go to the Physics review thing in about 25 minutes. God only knows how long I'll be there.

But anyway, Nikki and I talked, which was nice because I feel like I never see her anymore. And I complained a bit about Caitlin (surprise, surprise...I swear I'll get around to telling the story eventually), and we talked about classes and next year, and beyond that. There were some other people at Panera that we knew. One guy, Ben, who I completely adore. He's fun and cute and a very nice kid. He was in my English class last year and I haven't talked to him since then. But I got to a little today (did I mention he was cute??) Anywho, that was nice. Then a bunch of them left, and it was just this guy George that I've known since Freshman year. He's a nice guy, but kinda eh. He was waiting for one of his friends or something, so he came over and we were talking with him for about 20 minutes.

I love having discussions with people who I don't usually see. And since I've gotten past that whole awkwardness and self-consciousness, it's a lot of fun. For the record, I look like crap today. Black stretchy pants (comfy), dark gray shelf-bra tank (comfy), light gray Ron Jon's Surf Shop hoodie sweatshirt (comfy), hair in a bun (hastle-free), very little make up (easier), and my tennis shoes that don't go with the black pants (comfy). Finals week is all about being comfy and not caring. It's fun. So anyway, I looked like crap, and didn't think twice about it while talking to them.

I'm definitely in a good mood right now. Whee. Okay, I'm gonna get ready to go discuss physics. My idea of a fun evening. *SARCASM*

Have I mentioned that I'm fucking excited that after tomorrow I will never have to think about physics for the rest of my life? *sigh of relief*

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