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1 Down, 4 to go

I finished the History terms thing at 2AM. 13 fucking hours on those. Which means that I only got 5 and a half hours of sleep last night.

And my history final this morning? I got a 69. With the curve, and A is 68. It was so easy it's not even funny. I had 40 minutes left at the end. I spent less time taking the test than I did sitting, bored out of my mind.

So I tried to take a nap. I never seem to have a problem falling asleep in class...but of course, I never did after the final.

So now I'm going to take a nap. I'm exhausted and am cramping really bad. It's not the right time of the month for this shit. Blah. I'm setting an alarm, so that I'll have an hour to study for Calculus before I go fail that.

But yay for an A on the final, I guess.

OH! And a very wonderful birthday to Paula *hugs* I hope you have a fabulous day.

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