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I made it 4 and a half hours this time...don't start with me!

I'm definitely on the downhill stretch. And I'm just about to fall asleep.

6 pages. Single spaces. 1" margins. 12 point font. Times New Roman. And that's only 79 of the 130.

50 left. *bangs head on desk....repeatedly*

I still want Newton and his ideas to die. And now I think I'd like James K. Polk dead too. Him and his damn expansion westward. Who needs Texas or California, or anything else west of the Mississippi...that would be SO MUCH EASIER!

Also, my back hurts. I can't stand sitting here, hovering over this god damned book any longer! But I have too...*whines*

Okay, I'm going back now. I'm small because I'm sad. I don't want to work anymore. Blah.

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