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I love my friends. I swear, I do.

But somehow, in the hustle and bustle of planning, apparently I got missed for a phone call.

I know we were seeing a movie. And I know it was either one of two films. And I know we could be going to either one of three theatres. And I know that no one is answering their goddamned cell phones which means they are probably already in the theatre.

And I know that this upsets me. And I know that it shouldn't. And I know that I am crying right now and want to go back to bed, and wish I had never woken up in the first place to take Bridgette's call.

And I know that I'm acting like a fucking baby, but DAMMIT! I am not in the mood for this shit.

[EDIT: (10:11 PM) Just got a call from Goldy. Apparently we were meeting at Showplace at 10:10. And I didn't get called. I told them if they did anything afterwards to call me and I'd join them. All I can say is thank god that I'm sick and sound like crap otherwise they would have known I was crying.]

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