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All's Happy in Mudsville

Checked my e-mail. Got sooo many responses, which makes me sooooo happy. Thanks to Octain for her help with linking. Look! A link! Also got an e-mail reminding me about the Single (formerly Blue Sky Roadster) concert tomorrow night in San Fransisco. If I had the means to fly there for a night, just to see them, I would. But then again I don't. Small sadness, but I didn't have my hopes up or anything. Hopefully they will start touring, maybe stop at the House of Blues in Chicago. I would love them forever if they did.

I crashed at my sister's apartment last night, cus it was late and I didn't feel like driving home. (I can do that now that I don't have to borrow a car). I went with her last night to by a huge new curio cabinet. It's so pretty, and because O'Reilly's was having a huge sale on everything, it was about $300 less than she thought it would be. How cool? It's getting delivered to her apartment today between 1 and 5, so I'll have to back back there. I decided to come home, though, so I could use my computer (for Live Journal purposes of course) and to wash my car. Hee hee, take pride in ownership.

Must go to the bank today. Never did call yesterday, but I have to make a deposit and withdraw. I have $50 to my name (it was five before my sister donated to the "I'm broke" fund) and no hopes of getting any more money until next Monday, and I have the concert Friday night. It doesn't mesh well for me. I also want to buy all the stuff I need for my car before making my first semi-major trip to Tinley Park. Need parent for banking *bleck* but it's okay. If they let me, I might open a checking account with my sister as co-sign. Then with it, I would get this cool thing called The One Card. It's a check card, not a credit card, but because it has a Visa logo, it is accepted the same way a credit card would be. Some placed that might not except a debit card, would accept this. I think it's pretty cool.

Yeah, so on my checklist of things to do yesterday, I didn't do any of them. Well, I take that back. I tried winning the NSYNC contest. I looked up the banking options online not quite the same as calling, but oh well. The life of a slacker can be so hard sometimes.

Well, must make child breakfast and wash my car. I'll check back later. Feel free to leave me comments...I love them!

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