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The pounding in my head gives a rhythm to my typing

I'm bored. And I should be working on finals stuff. But my head really hurts. And I already took cold I probably shouldn't be taking headache stuff. Basically, I just want to go back to sleep.

Which I might do. Take a little nap.


So I just downloaded the Saved By the Bell theme, thanks to Rachael. And a bunch of Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, because punk pop is amazing. *laughs*

And I downloaded some Stretch Princess a while back and just got around to adding it to my playlist. Like it a lot. I'm listening to "Nice Thing". Very good song. Sort of reminds me of Bree Sharp...whom I adore, so yay.

Definitely should be studying for finals and doing all my prep stuff. But I really don't want to. Not with my head hurting. Maybe I will nap...

Cici is over and in a very good mood. Yay. We were just making fun of the country version of TRL on CMT. The host is a hottie...potentially better the Carson. Carson is more of a cutie anyhow.

I'm being boring again. I'll go. Bye bye.

Note to self: Stop Mommy from trying to do things (like rearranging furniture that is too big for her to move herself) that will make Daddy angry. *sighs* She just pushes him to the limit and wonders why he can be an ass.

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