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Me and Thoreau....two peas in a pod

*laughs* I swear, this is not me slacking...this is me working on getting ideas for my English Essay that's due on Friday. Being the brilliant child that I am, I read through some of my writings I did on Walden in class and for homework to get an idea for a topic of my paper.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I love to write. Very rarely do I get time, so I usually take advantage of in class or academic essays to express my thoughts and ideas. This is probably why I prefer informal pieces to formal essays.

That fish story I posted last night? Obviously not a great work, I banged it out in about 10 minutes and didn't even proof-read before sending it to the masses (aka, family). But I got to write!! Whee!

Anywho, these are some passages from writings I did about Thoreau or Walden. They struck me in whatever way and I like them, so I figured I'd share.

First: Our Business Man (A response to a quote)

"They are but improved means to an unimproved end, an end which it was already too easy to arrive at."

This quote struck me and I began thinking of the lives of men. The mechanical day-in and day-out, hustle and bustle, working until you are dead just to come home unsatisfied, then do it all again the next day. This quote followed one about inventions being toys and less useful and more distracting than anything. It seems that now in life, we try to create happiness through new devices so that when our business man arrives home at night unsatisfied, he has the internet to occupy his time and provide a pseudo happiness. And yet, does anyone attempt to make his job more rewarding and pleasurable? Does anyone bother to created a more fulfilling life so that by the end he doesn't look back and wonder what it was all for? No. And so the lowly, middle class and average man works his way to an uneventful death.

[It's sort of depressing, but fun. I like that I knocked the internet...especially because I live on it. *laughs* I also liked that I used the word "pseudo"...and that it fit well!]

Piece 2: (excerpt) My Room (discussing difference between being alone and feeling lonely, especially looking at solitude as a peaceful and welcome alone, and large group settings being lonely.)

...On the flipside, there is my bedroom. My sanctuary. My mess and my home. You walk in and it just feels like me. Cluttered and unperfect, yet homey and beautiful. I can sit in this room for hours, probably even days and feel completely content and relaxed and happy. Never alone, for my room contains an atmosphere similar to a person. It can speak, almost. Now, contrary to popular belief, I am not crazy. Nor do I think my room can actually talk. But when I'm in here, surrounded by my comfort zone, my thoughts fill it as thought I am not in solitude, but rather the company of many.

[Yes, you can laugh because I used "unperfect". I smiled when I wrote it..."I have to save, because yes...." *grins*]

Excerpt the Third: The Railroad (whole piece posted here. Another response to a quote. Liked this one a lot.)

"We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us." (87)

Thoreau continues this section comparing man to machine and showing how one no longer dictates his or her life but is rather a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Living in a society such as we do, I have often felt as such. Wondering what it is all for and how it was that I got stuck with my lot in life. Only 17, and already I feel cheated, bored and lost in a life that I will have to continue for years to come. Instead of looking to the future with open arms, I dread it and imagine that it can only get worse from here, for I am only a child. What is to become of me when I am grown?

[Hooked? Read the rest of this piece here.]

The last: Set in Stone (Look, it's a response to a quote...again! Mr. Wolf is big on these. But I like them, so it's alright...)

"It is remarkable how easily and insensibly we fall into a particular route, and make a beated track for ourselves."

Humans are creatures of habit. When left to our own devices is it not uncommon to create a pattern of events to our daily lives. We are dictated by the clock and thus must keep a schedule. We wake up at this time, get dressed and shower. Make sure you leave the house by this time to get to your destination on time. Drive the same roads every day because they are dependable and you know there they will lead. Nothing unexpected, everything carefully, yet unintentionally, set in stone.

[I used the word "time" too many times! AHAHAHA! Time...too many TIMES. I'm a geek *grins*]

[That's all. Not too long, eh? I don't believe in saying "Oh, well this sucks a lot but..." or "I was really tired when I wrote this...", but just letting you all know that these were all written in about 5 to 20 minutes depending on the assignment, and all in class with no proof reading. I'm more bragging here, because I think for those conditions, these are damn good! *laughs* Hope you enjoyed!]

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