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In the past 6 days, I've written 24 entries, and most of them were not one or two liners. I really should stop. I gotta get me a hobby besides reading peoples journals. Hobbies are easier if you have money. Money I lack severely. Though I currently shouldn't.

Not interesting in hearing a vent by a teenaged North Shore girl who probably doesn't know how good she has it? Turn away now. Keep scrolling, you won't be interested.

Money, the root of all evil? To quote Everclear: "Whoever says money is the root of all that kills, they have never been poor, they have never felt the joy of a welfare Christmas." I have never experienced this either, but I know that money (though it can't bring total happiness) can make life significantly better. My grandmother, who passed away over a year ago (my sister speaks rather eloquently about her in a journal she wrote today...I never knew her before the stroke and have been told I missed out on knowing one of the greatest women ever. I really wish I could've known her). This is besides the point. Recently, her estate sold, and my parents received a third of the total (which was significant considering the land was over an acre and a half, and located in Lake Forest, very ritzy). To my oldest sister, Chris, they gave a considerable amount of money. My brother, Dave, received the same amount, as did my second oldest sister, Emily. Her wedding will also be paid for with this money (I know playing the "wedding card" is low, but just wait.) Fayanne, the next child, received a car (or at least a down payment and all monthly payments until she graduates college, gets a job and can pay for it herself). To me, I got nothing. My mother's reasoning, she's paying for the rest of Fayanne's old car which is now mine (total value: about $2500). She also said that it was because she would be paying for my college education. She paid for Fayanne's too, and it didn't get deducted from her new car. Basically, I got royally screwed over. Emily mentioned to my mother that it wasn't fair and I should get something, and Chris said that if I didn't receive any money, she would give me part of hers. I love my sisters so much!

Sorry, but that's been locked up inside since last night, and though I locked myself in my room and cried about it twice, I needed to get it written down, and this was the best outlet I have right now. I feel so guilty, like I shouldn't get this upset over it, but it hurts that I get nothing. I just don't understand what my mom was thinking. *wipe tears from eyes*

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