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Entry 15 for today...

Impressive, huh? Nah, I'm just bored.

Well, I finished my History note cards. Now hopefully I will do well on the final essay thing tomorrow. I spent 7 and a half fucking hours on those things, they better come in handy. *sighs*

And just when I think I'm done with all my homework...just when I think I can start my english essay (which I'm EXCITED to write, thankyouverymuch)...just when I get my hopes up, I realize I have a fucking physics test tomorrow. And that I haven't done any of the homework that I have to turn in with the test. ARG!! I hate physics! There's a reason I'm seeing my counselor tomorrow to drop out of the fucking class.

ARG!! Why doesn't my life like me? Am I a bad person? Do I not recycle enough? Or was I doomed from the beginning?

i'm going to go do physics. i'm rebelling in my own little way by not using the shift key. though this will annoy me more than anything else, at least it's a rebellion. -sighs- i need to get me a life. a nice one. -frowns and walks away-

[side note; thank god i didn't have a new year's resolution banning me from using the word 'fuck'. yes, i would lose.]

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