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Welcome to Tuesdays

Well, my previous entries sort of sucked, and I'm not even entertaining myself with them. Thus, I am making a new entry. I can't guarantee it will be good, but hopefully it will.

Been working for the past hour on making HTML work. I can make things bold, in italics, underlined, small, superscript, subscript, and god only knows what else. However, I can't figure out how to put in a link. If anyone knows, I'd be extremely interested in learning. Although I am impressed that I taught myself how to do the rest (with about 1% help from Jeeves...he's an amazing guy).

Exciting news on two fronts (both school related, *yuck*). First, I got an e-mail for STUNTS Board. We are planning our next meetings. It's so exciting because the production it ours. If it sucks, it's our fault. If it's the best ever, we get total credit. I can't wait. STUNTS is our student written, directed, produced, performed, put together....everything. It's a theatre variety show, where people can audition comedy sketches, dances, bands, videos, just about anything, as long as it fits the theme. This years theme is Music. Title: STUNTS Goes Platinum. It's so great. Second piece of news, Nikki and I, along with one other girl, will be reponcible for planning activities for Saturday crew this year. To try and boost Saturday participation last year, after working from 9 to noon, we would get lunch and go do some activity. This year, it's from 9 to 2, and Nik and I have to decide the lunches every week and what to do after. Activity possibilities: Movie at a theatre, renting a movie and watching it in the auditorium (so cool), sports in the gym, mini golf somewhere, I don't know...a bunch of stuff. I'm excited, it should be cool.

Check list of stuff to do today:
*Call Jordan about caravaning to Matchbox Twenty concert (3 Days!!!)
*Call bank about checking account/savings account, whatever I can get with an ATM card and no parent necessary
*Make a list of stuff I'll need for my new-old car (flashlight, emergency batteries, blanket, maps, etc...)
*Win NSYNC N the Sand contest
*Beat head against wall when I don't
*Damn, so many busy signals...stupid busy signals...just let me win something ONCE in my life. Growl.

Well, I should get started on that list. I'll be back later, I guarantee it.

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