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A couple things before I shower....

One, I um...need to get a tape for...uh...Mandy Moore. Because she's adorable. And, yes. I heard her Diary and MTV Greatest Moments were good, so I'm going to get a tape.

Two, NSYNC and Nickelback are going to be on Craig Kilborn on Tuesday night (technically it's past midnight, so it's Wednesday on the East coast). But yes. Two of my favorite bands on one show. Whee!

Three, I love Bree Sharp. Download "Fool's Gold", "Fallen Angel", "Faster, Faster" or "Walk Away". Make me happy. Do it now. She's fantastic.

Four, I'm being a slacker again today *hangs head* I'm seeing Beauty and the Beast on IMax with Cici and the kids. Then I'm probably going to dinner with Mommy and Dad, and my aunt Judy again.

I might start homework later. Fuck me. 10% of my entire History semester grade is dependent on the essay on Tuesday, and I have to prepare. Now why isn't that motivating me?

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