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Yes. It's snowing. Ew. Consistently for the past 4 hours. We only have about 2 inches right now, though.

I hate snow. Sure...it's pretty to look at when you are sitting in a cozy house, but it's cold and wet, and makes my walk from French to Calculus hella long because the Courtyard at school is closed. Blah.

In other news, I'm in a relatively okay mood. Today during my free period, Allie and I had a 42 minute bitch-fest about Caitlin. I'm sure I'll have a post later about her. She just makes me angry, the fucking drama queen. She's worse than I am. And I thought I always had to be center of attention. *pfft*

But yes. Happy. Have frappuccino...and West Wing is on tonight. I WILL WATCH IT!! I haven't seen it since September, but I'm going to tonight. I don't care if it means staying up later, I want my West Wing!! Josh and Sam and Toby and CJ and Bartlett, *sighs* It's been too long.

Okay, I'm just being weird now. Must go. Ta ta!

Oh, and can I say how much I adore my english class? I love my teacher to pieces and his assignments are always enjoyable. Makes me confident in my choice for future profession...almost...

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