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*raises hand* Not a fan of Krispy Kremes....

However, I have discovered the lost art of *dun dun DUN* Refrigerated Krispy Kremes. Mmmm... I don't like how soft they are, but when they are cold, they get a little thicker. Yum.

Also, I was very pissed off today. From during gym (because Caitlin was being a *grrrr* total bitch...unintentionally though) and then I went to talk to my counselor, and she was completely busy. UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY!!

Okay, one reason I wanted to talk to her was about dropping physics. Today, tomorrow and Thursday are arena days where I would change my schedule. But I can't get an appointment before then. Two, I wanted to talk about classes for next year and placement because we have to get department recommendations Thursday. But I can't meet with her for a WEEK. Thank you, Guidence Office, for your excellent guidence as always. GRRRRRR!

I'm really in the mood for a good sandwich. Like Panera or Potbelly. Hmmm...

ALSO!!! In a month, I will be in LA! Woo woo! California, here I come!!!

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