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It may be translated into every language, and not only be read but actually breathed from all human

lips; - not represented on canvas or in marble only, but be carved out of the breath of life itself." - Walden; Thoreau.

See???? It's Walden! Proof that I actually read tonight!! And I wrote a really awesome (or at least I think so) response. Yay!

I was stood up for dinner, but I should be home anyway. Oh well. Elliott probably needed to talk to Bridgette anyway. At least they are home and staying home. Yay for Columbia!!

I'm chipper...go with it...

I talked to my English teacher a little today about possibly being in AP next year. He said it would probably not be a problem, and I said I just wanted to check on the curriculum and the difference between regular and AP.

Also, I'm going in to talk to my counselor tomorrow about dropping physics completely for 2nd semester. I hate it so much, and I realized with that gone, I would have a pretty good schedule of classes. Might even start doing better in French. (I still have a quiz to make up from Thanksgiving...whoops)

I have to get back to Calculus, but before I Walden response. It's humorous, and really has nothing to do with Walden. Please read, I like it a lot!

Connecting Walden to the Personal
"We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us." (87)
Thoreau continues this section comparing man to machine and showing how one no longer dictates his or her life but is rather a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Living in a society such as we do, I have often felt as such. Wondering what it is all for and how it was that I got stuck with my lot in life. Only 17, and already I feel cheated, bored and lost in a life that I will have to continue for years to come. Instead of looking to the future with open arms, I dread it and imagine that it can only get worse from here, for I am only a child. What is to become of me when I am grown?

This pessimistic outlook is not completely unwarranted. With each passing year my work load increased, as does the stress put upon me and the pressures around me. I'm fairly certain it is completely my fault. I am the absolute worst contradiction in terms. The over-achiever and slacker. I feel the need to take on a course load of five solids (for the past 3 years), plus at least two fine arts and the obligatory PE class, which I enjoy, but would enjoy more if it were a free period. I guess the slacker part is debatable, for it all depends on who I am being compared to. While some students (and it boggles my mind) don't do their homework at all, I still attempt to trudge through the hours given to me on a nightly basis. However, it is also not uncommon for me to "not quite work to expectations" or just blow off an assignment completely. The first to go are the classes I have later in the day (so I may have time to finish before going). The second are the time consuming/time wasting assignments. By 2 am it's obvious that 50 pages of reading are not high on the priority list. Eventually, it will all be tossed on the floor in favor of sleep so that I may, at the very least, attempt to get through the classes that I am utterly unprepared for. And thus, the cycle continues. Every night the relative same. More homework, more incomplete assignments that will eventually come back to haunt me. But until those do, I keep right on with how I have been, forever ridden by the railroad.

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