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Wednesday....That Just About Says it All

I think I have chronic tiredness over the summer. I went to bed about 12:30 last night, woke up at 9, so I got 8 and a half hours of sleep. Then, I took a nap from about 9:15 to 11:30. (I didn't mean to fall asleep, but Bob the Builder is not quite the show you stay awake to see.) So total, I got almost 11 hours of sleep, and still feel like I could doze off again for a few more hours.

Zoe (my niece, she's 5) and I are watching The Emperor's New Groove for about the 4th time in the last three days. It's a good movie, but it does get old. It reminds me of when my nephew Mikey was about 3 or 4, he watched Lady and the Tramp constantly. Whenever it ended, he'd rewind it and watch it again. We started to hide the video so we wouldn't have to watch it anymore. After the 20th time, it gets really, really boring.

Last night, I went to Summer Theatre, which is the high school's theatre program that they have over summer (obviously). You enroll like a summer school class, and they put on three different plays. Because I didn't enroll, I just stop by to help the stage crew (which I usually do during the school year). It's a lot of fun, and that's how I made most of my upper-classmen friends. Anyway, it runs from 6-9:30 three nights a week, which sounds like a lot, but time really seemed to fly by. I was working on taking out rows of seats in the auditorium so we can build a new sound booth. It was pretty cool. I may decide to go back on Thursday, to finish off the job.

Tonight, Nikki and I have our first dance class. I mentioned in my bio that I've never taken dance before, but I've always sort of had an interest in it, so it should be fun. It's a beginner's modern class and a couple weeks ago, Nikki and I went with one of our other friends, Lizzie (who is actually a dancer) so we could buy Jazz pants. They are so cool. I've very excited to be going. After our class tonight, we are probably going to go get dinner, then maybe we'll go hang out with some people. I don't know...I never know. Plans are usually impromptu, but that's the way I like it. I love spontaneity.

Zoe just totally ditched me. She left my fun room with Emperor's New Groove on to watch Popeye up in my dad's room. What a loser. Whatever, because now she's laying down for her nap. She didn't fall asleep yesterday and was really crabby later, so hopefully she'll get some sleep now.

We got back our NSYNC pictures last night and I just got a chance to look at them this morning. We got some great shots. My sister took and entire roll of Chris, and we also have a bunch of JC; Quite a few of Lance, and some good ones of Joey and Justin. It's pretty nifty.

I was thinking about working on my scrapbook today. I have a bunch of photo albums and recently began to take some of the really good pictures from some events and make decorative pages for them in my scrapbook. It's really awesome. I also have a bunch of rolls that aren't even in photo albums yet, but I need to go to Hallmark and pick up more pages. So much to do, so little money to do it with. Bah.

I gotta go either take a shower or scrapbook, I'm not sure in which order yet. I'm sure I'll write more later.

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