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*sigh* would be a good title for this thing...

Theatre Fest: Interesting to say the least. Saw two excellent shows (The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds and Love Letters...Both were fabulous). The other shows I saw were good too. Nothing bad, so yay. The workshops on the other put it lightly...sucked. Oh well. There were good shows. Though I fell asleep during the big All-State productions of "Pirates of Penzance". I don't think I would have liked it anyway.

My room was...interesting. I was with three of my friends that annoy me and Nikki. Nikki was good. *heh* Actually, I spent a lot of time with Steph. Even though I still have some issues, I was able to get past that...for the most part. There was a little bit of tension. All I have to say about that, is that my friends love me and worry about me sometimes...well. The ones who know better do. The ones who are fooled by a mask are not easily deterred from their happy, sunshine lives. *sigh*

Bridgette and Jenny got to be chaperones, even though they are both too young (you must be 20 years old, a sophomore in college). They aren't, but our original chaperone was unable to come, and so on short notice Jen and Bridge got called in. I can't tell you how incredibly happy it made me. I honestly don't think I would have enjoyed Festival as much without them.

Oh, and we have this term "OTB" or "On the bus" which is what we say when there is a negative comment towards a show. You never know who's mother or director is in your immediate area and you don't want to offend, so all of those are saved to talk about on the bus. It used to remind me of "Off track betting". Now, it's all about the Puppies in a Box "On the Bus" series. Silly puppies.

Home at last...
...for about 2 minutes before I get back in the car and go to Candace's. That's right...I went out tonight. After getting up at 8. After 6 hours of sleep. And 11 hours at the ISU campus. And just a really loooooong day. And then there were the 3 hours on the bus. Talked with Charlie quite a bit. ARG. No room for boyfriend in my life right now. Sorry Charlie, take a number (pun intended).

So, Candace's. Played Super Smash Brothers Melee for GameCube. The first time I had ever touched the system and game and I came in third. The second game I won. Yes, I rock at everthing. *laughs* It's all about the Super Smash.

At midnight, I ran my car home, and left a note for Mommy saying I went to Jack's. Because Lewis, Elliott, Jenny, Bridgette, Charlie and I went to Jacks (24 hour restaurant on Touhy). It's shady and has a $3 minimum charge, but it's 24 hours. Lewis goes home tomorrow. *frowns* Sadness. But tonight was fun. Got home at two.

College barriers
I've mentioned how much I love my college friends. My Seniors. I adore them all so much. Bridgette and Elliott have both decided to drop out of their relative schools (Millacan and Arizona, respectively). Elliott has already applied and been accepted to Columbia in Chicago. Bridgette has yet to, but as they say "a monkey could get accepted to college." And both are well above monkey status. Even if they are living downtown, 20 miles beats Arizona by a landslide.

But everyone else is either back, or leaving to go back very soon. *frowns* I miss them already.

Mommy Dearest
Everytime I get annoyed with the woman, she does something cute and incredibly nice. She attempted to clean my room (this actually irks me a bit). But she also hung my NSYNC calendar, and bought me two shelf-bra tanks from Express and a silver shiney sweater from there. Mommy is nice and very giving. *sigh* I love her. More than I usually express. is the break where I went to bed. 3:45AM. (Having began at 3:15AM)

My triumphant return. 3:33PM about feeling like I've wasted my day. Gah. And I have so much work to do. And I should go to bed by 11:30 to get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight.

Ha! If I start now, I have 8 hours to do 2 and a half days of homework, plus the extra weekend crap teachers stick on because of course, students have no lives on weekends like they do. *sigh*

Weekends should be a time to catch up...not to get farther behind. And there are two (2) weekends until finals. This coming one is a 3 day weekend (One of the several reasons I love Martin Luther King Jr.). This is time I desperately need. Especially because in the week following, I have a history essay (one third of the final) and a French partner speaking project (worth...I don't-even-know-how-much of the final). We get no class time to work on either. And I don't know my partner for French since Madame paired us up. And I don't have time after school, which leaves the weekend.

Ew. Not even thinking about them. I'm keeping them out of my mind because I get so upset over them when I do. That and homework. Through the last two paragraphs, I have completely separated myself from feelings about the homework, weekends and final because I hate feeling so overwhelmed.

The fucking straw to break the camel's back
Mama just called and asked if Dad and I wanted to go out to Gurnee for dinner. (apparently at 4 PM) Well, this means that I won't get home until at least 6. Bye bye homework time. And I've blown off enough dinners with the family lately. She's worried about me enough as it is, and doesn't even know why. *sigh*

She's telling me that I can't even shower, just to throw something on and go. Fine Mother. I'm doing this for you. I'll be back later folks.

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