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Must Post....QUICK!!!

Why? Because I'm in a good mood. Whee!

Just thought I'd take advantage of that while I can.

Tomorrow I go down to Illinois State University for the Illinois High School Association's Theatre Festival. Mouthful? Eh, we just call it TheatreFest. It's great. 2 and a half days of workshops and shows and 4000 other high school students from around the state. It's awesome. I leave at the beginning of 4th period, so I go to three solid classes. Damn. Oh well, I'm still leaving!!

Also, um, Mother Nature? What the hell is up, chica? Do you realize that this is Chicago? In January? Do you realize that it's 53 degrees right now??? Whoo who!!!!!! I'm soooo not complaining, but usually at this time it's about 10 below (20 below if you counter in the wind chill) with at least a foot of snow. We haven't even gotten more than an inch!!!! It's fantastic.

(And anyone who thinks snow is pretty, and fun and good....has never lived through a Chicago winter. All I can say is that I pity Buffalo!)

In other news, is mine the only Journal that is weird? It doesn't load right and I have to refresh at every page. When I go through other peoples, they work just fine. And I'm logged in as me. And I have a paid account. I dunno.

I adore Counting Crows. I have become newly in love with them. I have their two CDs and like them both a lot, but I recently downloaded their songs, so now I hear them more often.

I think the light bulb in my room is burning out. The levels of lighting are definitely fluctuating. Oh well. *shrugs*

Okay, so that wasn't terribly excited. But I'm happy right now. And I haven't felt happy in a while. I've appeared to be happy. I've smiled, I've joked, I've spent content hours in the company of others. But right now. RIGHT NOW I AM HAPPY. And that's good for me.

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