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Either LJ has been wonky....

...or people have not been lurking and posting in the past 3 hours.

*sighs* I came home right after school today, and only got my history homework done in the couple hours before I had to go back for the last STUNTS meeting ever. It was a wrap up where we (the STUNTS Board) shared our thoughts and feelings on the show. I'm going to miss it. It may have been stressful, but I loved it.

Since the meeting (I got home about a half hour ago), I did my French homework. Blar. I have a lot more to do. And I have a physics test tomorrow. We all know how well I do on those. Whoopie. *rolls eyes*

I also still have Calculus and to read the first 25 pages of Walden. I'm hoping I'll like it enough to actually READ it. I think the last book that was assigned for a class that I read all of...middle of Freshman year, sometime? That was before I realized that I don't have time for shit like that. Blar. Even Freshman year I was taking 5 solids. What the hell? Why don't I give myself a fucking break? It's not like I'm going to an Ivy League school anyway. I'll be lucky to go anywhere out of state. My mother already assumes that I'm staying in-state. Yeah Mom. Okay. "No, I haven't really thought about it..." Lies lies lies to avoid confrontation. Because she would be mean. Unintentionally, she would say something like "Well, you are going to LA for the Chorus trip. And you have a car." And taking a whole bunch of other stuff and holding it over my head. I love you mom. *rolls eyes again*

Dang, this was boring. Sorry. And I have to get to work now.

Oh, and new icon. It's Shane West (The hottie from the TV show Once and Again, and he's co-starring with Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember later this month). It's hard to read, but it says "Give it a go". For whatever reason the pic reminds me of Brad Pitt in Snatch, and that's such a British phrase. *shurgs* I dunno, this stuff just comes to me.

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