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So I wrote out a small entry. Depressing, with a small rant on my mother. Then LJ was down and it was just sitting here. And I realized that I didn't really want to post it. But I didn't really want to delete it either. Anything worth saying is worth saying on paper, right? Well, it's down there. I guess it's more for my records. *shrugs*

In other news, I'm not in the mood to do homework. And I'm fucked up.

Original Subject line: "Don't cry. You're fine."
Heh. That was my motto today. I succeeded, though there were several times that I wanted to, and once that I came dangerously close. *sighs*

"If we are going to John's Garage, do you want to come to dinner?"
My response: "No."
What I was thinking: "If I have too much fucking homework to go to Panera, which I love, is quick, and less than 5 miles away, HOW IN GOD'S NAME would I have enough time to go to a restaurant 20 miles away and sit down to a dinner?????"

I swear I love my mother. I just intensely dislike her a lot.

"Eat something...did you hear me??"
My Response: "Yeah."
My thoughts: "Fuck you...get the hell out of my house!"


Because I don't have enough fucking stress...I need this shit from my mother.

*I realize that she probably doesn't mean anything bad by it, but I'm too stress out to deal with her. "Your mother is the nicest women in the world. Don't you think so?" Yes. She's generous. She can be selfless to a fault. That doesn't mean she's a fucking angel to live with! *sighs* I'm done.

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