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Good things come to those who are clueless...

I wake up this morning. Groggy. Overly tired. Not wanting to get out of my comfy sheets. Feeling the impending doom of school just around the corner. Definitely not wanting to be at a mall. Especially not with two children, my sister and her boyfriend. Grrr....

I get out of bed, shower, dress, and are Ci's apartment within the hour to pick up the kids.

As you may have read in Cici's journal, Fayanne and I took the kids to Build-A-Bear. They were surprisingly okay. I mean, definitely not angel children, but they could have been worse, and it was actually kind of fun. Also, paying half of a $55 bill for two children's Christmas presents is good. Soooo cheap.

Oh, so we are at Ci's, waiting for her to return from grocery shopping and Fa mentions that she and Mom were going to be going to Best Buy to get a new computer. To get me a new computer. What?? The Hell?? Why didn't I know? I'm sooooo out of every communication loop in the household, and I've even been here for the past two weeks. Oh well.

So we go to Best Buy with Cutie Patootie Brad (Fa's boyfriend) cus he's all into computers, and he helps to pick one out. *shrugs* So now I have a new computer. We aren't hooking it up right away, because Brad didn't bring his stuff (like for networking, etc.) here. That's fine. It gives me time to try and clean this thing up a bit.

It's a pretty nice system. Pentium 4 processor, 40 GB hard drive, 16x DVD-ROM, 16x CD-RW, plus it came with a monitor and printer. Slick. Compaq, so it's kinda ehh, but it has Windows XP.

ALSO: I spent my Best Buy Gift Cards (all $85...oooooo). Here's the random crap that I got. Yes, I know none of it goes together whatsoever, but that's me. Quarky to a fault.
-Fast and the Furious DVD
-The Patriot DVD
-Pink Floyd "Echoes" CD
-Sum 41 "All Killer, No Filler" CD
-Jewel "This Way" CD

I'm the coolest. What the fuck? I'm soooo weird.

In other news: I'm a lot happier today. Thank fucking god!

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