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I woke up late. Around 1:30-ish. I haven't showered yet. I wouldn't have eaten, except that Fayanne just brought home Panera for lunch.

I realize that when school starts again, there is no way in hell that I can get 10 hours of sleep a night. And the fact that I'm probably going to have to go back to about 5, plus tacking on actual work (both school, home, and activities)...I'm not ready.

It makes me so upset everytime I think about school starting. To the point where I feel sick and honestly don't want to go. I have such a feeling of dread. And I just don't want to do anything. I shouldn't feel like this. I shouldn't want to throw up everytime I think of school. I shouldn't be bawling my eyes out right now.

I'm sorry for that. *wipes at tears* I'll stop now.

In a little bit, I'm going to Cici's to set her VCR for the Daily Show with Elijah. Then I might just stay there for a while. I have to be back home by about 5:15, so I can be at her place as late as 5.

Tonight we have our January Birthday dinner. Cici's birthday was yesterday, and Fayanne's is tomorrow, so the dinner is tonight. Bennigans. Just had it for lunch yesterday, but who am I to complain. It isn't my dinner.

I have to shower soon. I'm such a fucking slacker. I should have been doing homework today. What have I gotten accomplished? I left random comments in people's journals. Dammit. Where the hell is my motivation? Why can't I do anything right?? AHHHHH!!!!!


Jan. 4th, 2002 08:02 pm (UTC)
I feel for you. I really truly do. I went through a patch like that in Junior High. But not for the same reasons. And I was like that at work today thinking about poor Marie. But come Monday it will be a little easier and by this time next week, it will be unimportant.

Your troubles won't pass so quickly, but the good news is... they will pass. Please try as best you can to keep your chin up and know that I love you.


In other news, the episode of the Daily Show that you so graciously ran all the way over here to tape for me did not have Elijah on it! How horrible. What a bunch of teases!

He damn well better be on Leno tonight or I'll be seriously pissed off!

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