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mp3s I No Longer Have...

-Anything Christmas (Bing, Frank, and Charlie Brown have been deleted)
-All Dave Matthews Band
-All Def Leppard
-A lot of Counting Crows (Only the ones of poor quality)
-All Carly Simon except "New Jerusalem"
-All Elton John
-"Hotel California" (I kept the live version, though)
-All Everclear
-Bunch of Flying Blind
-Bunch of Foo Fighters
-A couple Fuel
-All unwanted Country (the stuff my sister downloaded)
-Most of Glenn Phillips
-Half of Green Day
-"Jack and Diane" ... An American staple *sighs*
-Most of John Mayer
-All Bon Jovi
-Half of Live
-Some Mandy Moore
-All Melissa Etheridge
-Mainstream NSYNC (Bye Bye to all the top 40 hits - pun intended. Also, All Christmas except First Noel) (I'm down to 23 from 38 *frowns*)
-Some Pearl Jam
-All Pippin and Sound of Music
-Most Poison
-All REM
-All Sheryl Crow except "Strong Enough"
-All Tracy Chapman
-Some Train
-Bunch of Toad the Wet Sprocket
-Bunch Vonda Shepard
-Half Wallflowers
-All Weezer except 2
Not to mention a bunch of random songs here and there....

Final count: 519
Computer's memory: 9.75 GB.

Fuck it. I give up. I'll do this tomorrow.

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