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I woke up at 12:45. *yawns* Must be tough, huh?

I went to the eye doctor (finally) and will have new glasses tomorrow at noon.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Art Institute to see the Van Gogh/Gauguin exhibit. It's supposed to be excellent, so I'm excited. I'm going with Allie and her mom, and maybe a sister or two. I love her family. Here's a conversation I had with her sister:
Me: Hi, is Allie there?
Kristen: Is this Gail?
Me: Yeah.
Kristen: Hi Gail, it's Kristin. How are you?
Me: I'm good, how are you?
Kristen: I'm good. [She and] my mom and Lauren went to Old Orchard, they should be getting home around 5.
Me: Okay.
Kristen: Do you want me to have her call you?
Me: That'd be great, thanks.

Friday, Ci and I might be having the moviefest in honor of her birthday. Oh, and Ci...I'm stupid. The Mandy Moore/Shane West movie isn't coming out until the 25th.
Hmmm...Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, and then which ever we want to see again?

Also, Cici - The Eponine from last night was not the same from a couple years ago. M. and Mme Thenardier were the same (though we had Thenardier's understudy last night), and Valjean was in the cast as a different character the last time. Some of the ensemble were also the same.

Hmmm...the rest of the day. What to do?
-Physics Homework?
-Clean room?
-Go to Ci's to steal her scanner?
-Look over the college thing my sister just gave me and try to plan my future?
-Sit on my ass and do nothing?

Options 3 and 5 seem the best.

Maybe I'll go to Ci's after dinner. I'm trying to get mommy to order Chinese. Yummy. Fried rice is sooooo healthy. *laughs*

Yeah. So I'm a slacker. I might get around to cleaning tomorrow, depending on what time we go downtown. Maybe a little bit of homework too. *sigh* I don't want to go back to school. Ever. I'm too happy not being there. It makes me sad just thinking about it. *double sigh*

Yeah, so now that I'm being a total slacker...and am in a bad mood, I'm going to go.

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