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Why am I still up???

I'm dead tired. Like falling asleep. But I'm not going to bed. What a dumbass am I?

Anywho...Les Miz was great. It's just such a fantastic story to begin with, and the show was very good. Yay!!!

Ummm...never had dinner. Had Skittles at the theatre, but my tummy is grumbling now. No, it's too late for food. You should have thought of that earlier.

After the show, we had to wait to get the car from the valet parking place, and the theatre is right next to el tracks. I just...and the...Lance...and...hee hee. Ci and I completely exchanged the same thoughts and just laughed. Seeing a train should not make me think of my little Lancer. He's too damn pretty for his own good. *sigh*

Yeah. So I'm tired, hungry, and happy. Sounds like a good time to sleep. Night night.

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