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I'm bored....hahahahaha....this sucks for you

Yes, you have to read my bored ramblings now.

I have nothing to do. My Frappuccino is, alas, gone and I'm rather awake and hyper. Probably has something to do with the caffeine. Oh well, whatever.

I haven't gotten dressed, but I'm in pajamas which are way more comfy and warm than any normal clothes. Mmmm...flannel pants and a sweatshirt over a tee shirt. So snuggly.

Some of my friends are going to go to the Barenaked Ladies concert tomorrow night. New Years Eve. *sigh* I want to go with them, because these are the people I've been friends with forever and a day. But I'm going to Lindsay's house (She's one of My Senior) with my other group of friends. Linz has been planning this since before Thanksgiving (*laughs* cus she's weird like that). And these are all my college friends that I won't see after two weeks. I want to see BNL again. They are fun. And it's New Years Eve. But I also want to hang out with everyone.

Ah yes, dilemmas of a high school girl. North Shore, no less. *laughs at self*

Oh well, I have other problems, but these are the good kind to deal with that don't cause unnecessary pain. And little stress. I could really care less either way, I think. I'm going to be with friends, and that's all that matters.

For all of your sanities, I'm cutting away now...

But first, to Kino. *hugs* I don't really know what else to say, except Yay. It sounds a little weird, but good for you.

********** (Divider line between entry and cut text)

So I was talking with a couple of my really good friends, Allie and Amanda. And I came to some pretty interesting conclusions.

One, I'm too mature for my own good sometimes.

It was a co-ed party, because, of course. So there was a lot of flirting, and I realized how stupid people act. How the hell does putting ice down someone's shirt show that you like them? It's just very unattractive.

Obviously there are plenty of other ways in which I'm mature, but s'all right. There are times when I forget I'm only 17. I'm a baby in the world. I know so little, yet think I know so much. But I'm learning. Everyday, I grow a little bit older.

My dad's home now. Apparently we are leaving in about 45 minutes to meet my Mom at the mall before hair appointments. I think I'm driving so that I can go on my merry way after wards.

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Driving With Parents:
1. They are judgmental people and I'm good at reading minds.
2. They hate my music
3. I hate their music
4. I like loud music
5. They don't
6. A trip without the radio is very long and quiet
7. I get nervous merging with other people in the car. (I don't know why. I'm a good driver, and have no problems merging, but it's something I prefer to do alone.)
8. They are my parents and I prefer to spend as little time with them as possible.
9. My car is a pit...and needs a bath. The car wash was closed yesterday.
10. My heat doesn't work, which is fine for me...I'm a naturally warm person, but others don't appreciate it.

Okay, all except two off those were made up on the spot, so they aren't very good. But all true.

*sigh* I have to go get ready.

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