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Heh. It's actually a kind of early night....

It's been slow tonight on Journal. I didn't even have to skip back, and I haven't been home since *thinks cus I'm brain dead* 6:15-ish? Sure, that sounds right.

Well, I was only a half an hour past curfew tonight. Yay.

Nikki's party was fun. Did I mention I was going to a party? I don't think so. I did. It was big, about 30 people. Lots of fun. It wasn't overly eventful (or not at all), but I was with people that make me happy. Also some that annoy the fucking shit out of me, but I avoided them at all costs, and was with the ones that make me happy.

That's actually it. I was at Cici's apartment today to steal lunch, banana cake, play with kitties and visit. Watched her start The Sims. She hasn't posted about it, so she either quit/gave up, or is addicted and still playing.

I also went to Target to buy a pair of tights. I wore a skirt to Nikki's (well, I changed after about an hour and a half...which was my plan), but I didn't feel like shaving, so I decided tights were the best option. Yay me.

I'm really tired. So I'm going to go to bed. G'nite!

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